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At a Glance

Welcome to the best weekend of your life!

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Daily Schedules & Weekend Activities

Thursday, Oct 25

Packet Pickup Party
39 Shelter Cove Lane, Hilton Head

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Friday, Oct 26

Fripp Island
Buses Load at 7AM from Coastal Disc. Museum 70 Honey Horn Drive, HHI

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Saturday, Oct 27

Race Starts at 8AM at Oyster Factory Park
63 Wharf Street, Bluffton

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Sunday, Oct 28

Hilton Head
Race Starts at 7AM at Chaplin Park
11 Castnet Drive, HHI

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Your Weekend At a Glance

Click on the subject tabs below to get the the deets on our big weekend together!

Our after-parties are very casual (smelly race attire) and are set up near the finish line so you can eat, drink, be merry, and watch your friends cross the finish line, too!

The awesome food is included for all our registrants (lunch will be served Friday and Saturday, and we’ll have yummy breakfast on Sunday). Family, friends, fans, and supporters are all welcome to grab a plate for $15 at the door.

Our DJ will be spinnin your favorite tunes, leading us in ridiculous games, and boogying down with us on the waterfront dance floors. Parties are generally open from 2 hours after race start until 5 hours after start.

Cash bars will be pouring at all the parties as well. Operative word there is “cash”… because cash makes the drinks pour faster than plastic (but yes, credit cards are accepted)!

Use the handy backpack swag bag we give you at packet pickup to stuff all your post-race essentials. Stuff your bag with keys, a clean shirt, some flops, maybe a towel, and your favorite koozy. Leave it with us at the start line each day and you can pick it up when you cross the finish line.
This is the first time we’ve held the event at Halloween so we couldn’t resist the whole Spooky Fancy theme.

Steal your kids’ costumes for the weekend and let’s see what kind of nonsense yall come up with- anything really goes!

Not into the whole costume thing? Just don your best pink and maybe pick up a pair of flamingo socks. We love all y’all no matter what. Just as long as y’all ain’t bare-behind nekkid!

Y’all have been doing some serious shopping these last few months and have scored the most amazing flamingo finds! Many of you have asked if you can donate some of these groovy items and allow us to sell them for the cause.

Yes, and thank you!

Please bring your generous gifts to us at the Merchandise Tent at the Packet Pickup & Party on Thursday evening, and we will throw it out on the tables for the vultures (er, um, registrants) to grab. Please attach a note to tell us how much you paid for the item so that we can slap an appropriate price sticker on it.

To keep things simple, all items will be priced in $5 increments.

Note that we cannot update your fundraising totals with the money we receive from their sale, but we will certainly give you a big hug and thanks.

Psst – you can use our online auction to sell any items in advance and when people buy them (by making a donation to your fundraising page) then the funds will be applied to your fundraising totals.

For every $50 you donate or collect before 11:59pm on October 23, you’ll get a plastic flamingo to add to our Flocks of Love display.

While you won’t meet your birdies until Saturday, we will give you a “bird bag” with flamingo supplies on Thursday night (or at the after parties on Friday and Saturday). There will be a receipt with your race packet and you’ll take that to the blue and white FlockYard tent to get your bird bag.

Your bag will include one note card and one Fancy Fascinator (crazy looking accessory) for you to put on each of your birds. So if you raised $785 (thank you, by the way) we will have 15 note cards and flamingo fascinators in your bag.

Use the note cards to write messages to your donors and to honor loved ones. Bring them with you to the start line on Saturday where our giant Flocks of Love will be on display. Place a love note and a fascinator on any (bare) flamingo and then find 14 more bare birds and adopt each one by placing a love note and crazy flamingo accessory on it.

Decorate them, take pictures, tell them stories, and let your birdies know that each and everyone of them has provided a free mammogram to someone in need.

You can decorate your birds before or after the race. You can bring whatever clothing, glue guns, and craft supplies you’d like and leave your bird bag in bag drop.

Yes, you can take your birds home with you but we please ask that you wait until 12pm so that all of our registrants can see the breathtaking majesty and outpouring of love that our flock represents.

Note: we have to close our online fundraising on Oct 23 so we can tally everything up and have your birdies waiting for you on event weekend. Bring any additional donations with you to Packet Pickup on Thursday (or on Friday or Saturday) and we can give you additional flamingos. Every year we are always amazed at the fat envelopes y’all bring filled with cash and checks!


If you signed up for our big virtual event to help us bring Fancy back from the Moon (hint, we still have a long way to go so please click here and help us), your race packet receipt will show that you have bonus bling coming your way.

You’ll take your receipt to the FlockYard at the Packet Pickup Party on Thursday (or anytime over the weekend), and we’ll give you your bonus race medal (yeah, the glow in the dark one) and that awesome car magnet (that’ll make all the other cars jealous).

Yes, friends and teammates can pickup your virtual swag but they will be required to sign your receipt.

Bandaids, bug spray, sunscreen… we’ve got it.. But you should probably slather up pre-race and throw a bandaid or two in your pocket, just in case.

Listen to your body. If you feel dizzy, weak, nauseous, overheated, or exhausted- tell the people around you and then sit your butt down in the shade. Notify the closest volunteer so we can have EMS come check you out- they will be on site every day.

Call 911 for life threatening emergencies.

Who do you wish was with you this weekend (and want to make sure joins us next year)? Let’s make sure they see what they’re missing and include their face in all our pictures!

Yup, we want yall to print big images of your friend’s faces and glue them to a stick. And bring these “flat friends” with you to Fripp so we can flood social media with your missing pal’s face… and she can kind of be a part of our fabulous frippin’ adventure.

We have tons of “flat friend” photo stops along the course so she can see just how gorgeous and how much fun you’re having every step of the way! And yeah, we’ve got some funny prizes lined up for this so bring as many “flat friends” as you can carry and let’s have a blast!

If you donated or raised $100 or more before Sept 30, you have more goodies waiting for you at Packet Pickup Party on Thursday.

How do you know if you get to visit the FlockYard to pick up your stuff? There will be a receipt with your race packet and you simply take that to the FlockYard and we’ll give you your prizes and bird bag. Yes, friends and teammates can pickup your prize bag but they will be required to sign your receipt.

Remember that the prizes and fundraising incentives are tied to the September 30 deadline so we cannot award additional prizes for any donations you turn in after that date.

Massage therapists will be providing complimentary rubdowns at the finish lines every day so stake your place in line and enjoy! Big flocking shout out to our fave rubbers Kevin & Alex at Hilton Head Massage Envy for volunteering to love our sweaty bodies all weekend.

Psst – if you know of a massage therapist that would like to volunteer for a day or two (or three!) please ask them to send us an email to and we’ll treat them like FlockStars while they are with us!

Cross one finish line, get a beautiful medal that represents that day. Cross two finish lines, you’ll score two fabulous medals!

And our 3-Day participants will not only get three daily medals, but y’all will also get out most auspicious and highly sought-after Triple Nipple medal on Sunday. Yup, it’s a four-bling weekend for y’all!

We will have a very limited number of super cool Pledge the Pink merchandise this year and these babies are gonna go quick so head over to our merchandise tent as soon as you arrive Thursday night!

Or beat the crowds and guarantee you get two of everything by ordering on our store NOW. We’ll be accepting online orders thru September 20 and all items will be shipped on Sept 25. Sorry, we cannot mail anything sooner nor can we hold these items for pickup at the event.

All available merchandise will be sold at the event. As always, remember cash is best, fastest, and doesn’t require us paying extra fees (more money for mammos)!

This should be every newbie’s first stop on Thursday (er, uh, your third stop after you hit the merchandise tent, then get your packet, and THEN come to the Newbie Zone)!

You will be introduced to some of PTP’s most beloved veterans who can answer all your “OMG, I don’t understand any of these questions” questions! They will calm you down and pump you up at the same time!

You will also find SmartyPant’s Photography picture studio here with games and props to make your impromptu photo shoot an absolute hoot! Walk the pink carpet, play Bra Pong, and dance a jig with your new besties.

Make sure you’ve got your Picture Pack buttons on so our photogs capture it all!

Dozens of professional photographers will be capturing our festivities all weekend long. We are talking thousands of top notch, high resolution Kodak moments!

If you already purchased the deal of the century, you’ll get the 2018 Picture Pack button with your race packet.

You’ll want to wear the button all weekend long. This notifies our flocktographers that you’re worthy of paparazzi and they will stay glued to you for four days. Be careful what you wish for!

You can also buy Picture Pack for $25 anytime over the weekend.

It usually takes about two weeks for our photographers to edit their masterpieces and upload them to our site. We will send login credentials to everyone that purchased pic pack as soon as the images are ready.

There are no additional fees to download or print the pictures- they all belong to you.

Told you it was the deal of the century!

We’ll have loads of water and Gatorade at all the the pit stops, and most of them will also have snacks and homemade treats from your adoring fans. Feel free to bring your own water bottle and refill at these stations.

Review the course maps and daily setup so you are familiar with the distances in between stations and between course restrooms. They vary greatly each day based on permits, approvals, environmental issues, safety concerns, etc. but we have more than enough out there for you!

Our courses are extremely well marked and we also have lots of volunteers to make assist however we can.

Race bibs will be in your packet.

If you are doing all 3 days of Pledge the Pink, you will receive ONE bib that you will wear all three days.

If you are doing one or two days only this year, each day has a designated bib and you must be wearing the appropriate bib in order to participate on that day.

It should go without saying, but in order to participate in the “races” at all, you must be the registrant on record: the one whose name is printed on the official race bib, the one that registered online, the one that agreed to our terms and conditions, and that signed our legal waiver.

If you can’t make it to Thursday’s Packet Pickup Party then you can pick-up your race packet (and any fundraising prizes, flamingos, and other bonus swag you might have coming to you) here:

  • Friday at Fripp’s Ocean Point golf course – 8:00 – 9:00am
  • Saturday Bluffton’s Oyster Factory Park – 7:00 – 7:55am
  • Sunday at Chaplin Park – 6:15 – 6:55am
INSTAGRAM: @pledgethepink
FACEBOOK: Pledge the Pink Page

We will designate hashtags for the weekend as the event gets a little closer so check back soon!

If you think you may need to take a short cut on a particular day, please see us the morning of the race so we can suggest the best place to turn based on your desired mileage.

Our courses are officially open for four hours so take your time (and take lots of pictures)! We do have “sweepers” on each course to ensure that no flocker gets left behind.

If, at any time, you feel like you need a ride to the finish line, notify any of our on-course volunteers and we will coordinate a golf cart, beach patrol, or EMS, as needed.

We hope everyone will get loco with our Car Decorating contest and let the world know you’re headed to Hilton Head to Pledge the Pink! Gussy up your cars with flamingos, pink signs, and warrior messages.

Flying here? How about a shot of you or your team proudly representing Pledge the Pink on the plane? Or ask the flight attendant if you can make an announcement and tell your fellow passengers why you are dressed like Pepto Bismol and acting so loco (check out Kay’s video from last year).


Post your photos and videos on our main Facebook page and add #OnOurWaytoPledgeThePink and we will announce the Most Spirited winners at Saturday’s after-party and awards ceremony (the prizes for these two contests are so stinkin awesome)!

If it is pouring rain, we are racing.
If it is snowing, we are racing.
If it is hot, we are racing.
If it is cold, we are racing.
If the sky is full of locusts or love bugs, we are racing.

Bottom line y’all, only an act of God or a national/state emergency would force us to cancel the event. You’ve been training and preparing for months, and we’ve been working our butts off for a year and a half. Ain’t no way we’re going to let anything keep us down!

But if Mother Nature, Gov McMaster, the POTUS, or the Big Man Upstairs himself says that we must cancel an event due to a hurricane or other state of emergency, we would email all registrants and post on our website and Facebook.


All sales are final. We do not issue refunds, transfers or deferments.


Pledge the Pink reserves the right to change the details of the event, including locations and courses. PTP may delay, cancel, or suspend the race due to inclement weather or other potential safety risks. Participants must retire at once from the race if ordered to do so by event officials, medical staff, or any governmental authority, including firefighters and police officers. Pledge the Pink is not responsible for the event being cancelled due to a weather, terrorist, or other national emergency. No refunds, transfer, or deferments can be issued for acts of God or national/state emergency. IF for some reason we must cancel an event due to uncontrollable weather conditions or other emergencies, emails will be sent to all registered racers and announcements will be made on our website and through social networking channels.

2019 Pledge the Pink
Mark your calendars now: October 24-27, 2019

Believe it or not, registration for Pledge the Pink 2019  will open at 1pm on Friday (October 26) and we’re giving the first 200 registrants the Best Weekend of Your Life Part 2 for just $200!

But those suckers are gonna go fast so make sure you have your entire posse ready to hit REGISTER when we make our big 2019 announcement and open registration at 1pm.

And if you sign up this weekend, you’ll also score some cool stuff like flamingo boppers and 2019 event tattoos!

All the cool kids will be wearing ‘em. You want be cool, right?