Packet Pickup Party

Thursday, October 24th

3-8pm | 300 Tarpon Blvd, Fripp Island


Thanks to our friends at Hargray, we have access to free WiFi at the Beach Club on Fripp!
Network Name: PledgeThePink
Password: FlockStar

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#pledgethepink #frippflockers

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Daily Schedule:

2-3PM | Dolphin Cruise, Marina $15*
2-3PM | Golf cart scavenger hunt, Peg Legs $5
2-4PM | Tie Dye, Peg Legs $20
3-7:30PM | DJ Alan & Shenanigans, Beach Club
3-4PM | Dolphin Cruise, Marina $15*
3-8PM | Course sign making contest, Beach Club Circle
3-8PM | Hometown sign painting, Beach Club Circle
3-8PM | Packet Pickup Party at Beach Club
3-until | Decorate your FOL birds, Beach Club Circle
4-5PM | Dolphin Cruise, Marina $15*

5-8PM | Welcome dinner, Cabana Club $25* (See Menu)
5-7PM | Sunset Fripper Cruise $28*
6-7PM | Games on the beach, Beach Club
7:30-10:30PM | Welcome Party with Live Band & Boogying at the Sandbar

*These activities require pre-registration. 

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If you’re not able to collect your packet tonight, a friend can pick it up on your behalf OR you can get it Friday morning at the Fripp start line. 

You can also pick up your packet an hour before race time at Saturday’s and Sunday’s start lines.

If you are part of a team with 4 or more registrants, your team packets will be boxed together. No exceptions.  So if you have registered as part of a team, please designate one or two of your team members to pick up the box(es) for your group. 

Your Pledge the Pink swag bag (packet) will include:

  • Bib(s)
  • Pledge the Pink event shirt
  • Gifts and swag from us (and our fabulous sponsors)
Fundraising Prizes

If you donated or raised $100 or more, you’ve got more goodies waiting for you at our FlockYard!

How do you know if you get to visit the FlockYard? 

You’ll get a receipt with your race packet that will show you what you’ve earned (we will also email all registrants in early October with a summary of your registration, prizes, donations, etc).

Take your receipt to the FlockYard and our feathered friends will swap it for your bird bag. Yes, friends and teammates can pick up your bird bag but they will be required to sign your receipt.

Remember that our online fundraising system will be open until Sept 30. Any donations you earned before then will be credited to your account and we will have prizes and flamingos waiting for you at the FlockYard. 

Even tho our online fundraising closes on Sept 30 (so we can tally everything up and have everything ready for you at packet pickup) you can still hand in any additional donations you might have (every year we are always amazed at the fat envelopes yall bring filled with cash and checks!) and we can give you additional birdies for your new adoptions.

Note: if you have a fundraising page, we will credit your page after the event. Every donation you make, or that is made in your name, will be “credited” to your Flocks of Love fundraising account (even if you do not have a fundraising page).


In addition to the prizes above, you will also earn a bird in our Flocks of Love display for every $100 you raise/donate.

Each bird represents one mammogram that you have donated and/or fundraised. Our 2019 goal is 1750 birds ($350,000).

Your race packet will include a receipt that shows how much money you raised, what prizes you earned, and how many flamingos are waiting for you in the flock.

You’ll take this receipt to the FlockYard to get your “bird bag” that will include any prizes you’ve earned and a “love note” for each of your flamingos.

Write personal messages on these cards and tie them to your birds on Saturday. This is a great way for you to thank your donors and honor people that have inspired you on this journey.

Take tons of pictures and tag your friends and supporters. Let them see “their” flamingo… and the 1749 that stand beside her.

Lots of people bring costumes and props for their flamingos, and really go crazy decorating their birds! You can decorate your birds either before or after the race on Saturday.

If you’d like to take your birds home with you, we ask that you leave them in the display until at least 11:30am so that everyone can enjoy their beauty and appreciate the magnitude of what these flamingos represent.

Want to get in on the flamingo action but don’t want to fundraise? Make a donation right now and we’ll give you a birdie for every $100 you donate! 

Vendors & Activities

Kendra Scott is doing a jewelry pull! Buy a $50 cute little yellow gift box that contains a gorgeous piece of jewelry valued between $50-$195! And all the money goes to us! Keep on shopping, because they’ll also have a trunk show this evening with 20% of all sales going to Pledge the Pink!

Our Fripp friends will be in the tiny pink house in front of the beach club to answer all your questions about the island, your Fripp activities, giving you directions, tips, and suggestions to make your weekend fabulous.

Our sacred Honor Board will be set up near the merchandise tent and we invite ALL REGISTRANTS to sign this year’s board. 

2020 Pledge the Pink

Believe it or not, registration for Pledge the Pink 2020 opens on Friday and if you sign up this weekend, you’ll also score some cool stuff like Fancy boppers and event tattoos. All the cool kids will be wearing ‘em. You want be cool, right?