The Hilton Head Riviera

Shelter Cove Marina, Shipyard, Palmetto Dunes, Coligny Beach

Saturday, October 16
Race Time: 8AM
Shelter Cove Community Park (39 Shelter Cove Lane)

7:45AM | Be at the start line for course announcements, Shelter Cove Park
8:00AM | Start, Shelter Cove Park
9:30AM | After party begins at Shelter Cove Park
12:30PM | Bicycle Parade at Shelter Cove Park
1:00PM | Party comes to an end (don’t worry, there’s still one more!)
5:00PM | Fancy Flying Happy Hour, Dunes House

A couple of things to know:

Facebook Challenge

Facebook Challenge for today is called “Swap a Prop” and we want you to temporarily borrow a piece of an unknown FlockStar’s costume and take a picture of it on you. Don’t just grab it and take off running; ask the FlockStar if you may please borrow their button, sticker, pins, jewelry, hat, or other accessory (and perhaps offer them a piece of your costume) and then swap it back when you’re done with your selfies. Remember, it has to be a stranger (no cheating)! We want you to do this with three different strangers and we want you to post your selfies with #swapaprop on our Facebook group page

First Pitstop

Please note that the first official pitstop isn’t until Mile 3.3. If you really have to stop before then, there’s a Shell gas station/ convenience store at Mile 2 and you can pop a squat in there and/or grab some water

Today’s Course

10.3 Mile Course
6 Mile Course

Other Important Information

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Once again, parking is around Belk; please do not use the on-street parking that is intended for store customers. Our security officers will direct you. Please don’t get us kicked out.
Probably the best locations to cheer for your favorite FlockStars would be at mile 3.3 (South Atlantic Community Bank on 278), and/or Coligny Beach Park, and/or at the finish line
Want to have a custom sign along today’s course for your teammates or one to honor your mama? Go here and buy a FlockStar Tribute sign and we will take your personalized message and photograph and make you a masterpiece. All tribute signs will be placed on Saturday’s course between miles 2 and 3 and we expect it to be a funny, poignant, and tearful mile of loving messages and inside jokes. You can take your sign back home with you on Sunday.

Decorate your bike and join our first-ever bike parade at Shelter Cove Park! We’ll put y’all on display and have you circle the park for all to see. Our on-site judges will announce the winners at 1pm! Sign Up Today

5pm at the Dunes House (14 Dunes House Lane). Bring your Fancy kite (or cash/credit card to buy one from us on the beach) and let’s see how many Fancys we can put in the air! If you’re not staying in Palmetto Dunes, tell the guard house you’re going to the Marriott and they’ll give you a pass. Then park at the Marriott and walk north (left if you are looking at the hotel from the parking lot) and the Dunes House will be visible from the beach with its big red umbrellas.

Our merchandise tent will be open from 9:30am until 1pm today.