Get Ready to Pledge the Pink, Habersham!

Saturday, October 23, 2022

8:30AM - 1:30PM

We are crazy excited to bring a day of our fabulous event to Habersham this year and we are tickled pink that yall will be hosting us.

Who We Are

Pledge the Pink is the second largest multi-day breast cancer event in the country and we are celebrating our 12th anniversary this year.

Our 30-mile island-hopping adventure of a lifetime has raised over 1.5 million dollars in the fight against bc and our fundraising goal for 2022 is $750,000, the majority of which will stay in the lowcountry to provide funding for screening, treatment, and research.

Our Foundation is a 501c3. Oh, and we have a mild obsession with flamingos.

What We Do

We have more fun than anybody! 1500 registrants from around the world come to the Lowcountry every year to walk, run, and crawl across three islands. This year they will enjoy a beautiful 10-mile course on Hunting Island, on Fripp Island, and Habersham. After the race each day, we throw a legendary party at the finish line and then boogie down with endless games and shenanigans back at Fripp each night. It truly is the Best Darn Weekend of Their Lives.

What To Expect at Habersham

A whole lotta fun! Our buses will begin arriving at 8AM and will drop our registrants off at the corner of Market Street and Cherokee Farms, where they will walk to the start line on James Habersham Blvd.

Our race starts promptly at 8:30am and includes two five-mile loops through the neighborhood (see course map below). Our finish line will be set up next to Barking Beautiful Pet Spa and most participants will finish between 9:45-12:00.

Our festive after-party will span from the Post Office to the circle on Market Street. In addition to the food trucks we’ll have, we encourage the Habersham restaurants to serve lunch to our 1500 registrants via a ticket system and we will pay you at the end of the day based on the number of tickets you have.

Our Course Map

How You Can Get Involved

Cheer us along the course

Decorate your mailbox, front yard, or house

Play music for us

Set up a table with snacks or pink lemonade

Dress up like a flamingo, wear a pink tutu, and accessorize your dog

Write inspirational and funny messages along the course in sidewalk chalk

Make funny signs for us along the course to keep our mind off our feet

Volunteer to man one of our official pit stops and pass out snacks, water, and Gatorade

Drive our professional photographers around the course in your golf cart

Join our bike-patrol to ride alongside our walkers to keep them motivated

Greet our buses and welcome our registrants as they arrive and make their way to the start line

Pass out medals, sweaty hugs, and celebrate with us at the finish line party on Market Street

Let us know how you can help

Complete the form below and let us know how you’d like to be involved. You can also email us at info@pledgethepink.com with with any questions or suggestions. We want to showcase the beauty of Habersham’s residents just as much as we want to showcase its physical beauty!