Packet Pickup Party

Thursday, October 20 from 3-8pm
Fripp Island Beach Club (300 Tarpon Blvd)

Yes, friends can pick up your packet for you; however, we will not release fundraising prize bags to anyone but you (you can pick them up at the finish line on Friday if you’re not able to attend Thursday night).
All teams that are 4 or more people will be boxed together (no exceptions). If you have a particularly large team that isn’t staying together, please make arrangements to meet up on Thursday or before the race on Friday morning so you can get your credentials and swag.

Tonight’s Festivities

First of all, welcome to our Flock. We seriously could not be more excited to have you join us- we really do have more fun than anyone!

The first thing you’ll do when you arrive at the party on Thursday is stop at the Newbie Zone under the big white tent. Get your pictures taken, make a hometown sign, meet Fancy, and celebrate your newbieness with some of our favorite FlockStar vets! They’ll answer all your questions and calm you down (and fire you up) before sending you on your way to pick up your official packet.

If you are in a team of four or more, please designate one person to pick up your team’s packets under the big white tent. You’ll see a TEAM line, and that’s where you’ll want to stand. Give our vols your team name, and they’ll give you all the packets for your team. Please note: if you are a singleton or on a team with three or less members, you’ll stand in the INDIVIDUALS line, give them your name, and they’ll pull your bag and the bag of anyone else on your team you need to pick up.

Walk to the center of our tent and use the Shirt Size tear strip on your Thursday night bib to grab your official event shirt.

Next up, check your Thursday bib for a PRIZE tear strip. If you have one, THANK YOU, because this means you’ve raised at least $300, and you can stop by the Bingo & Fundraising Prize tent out by the circle to pick up your prizes! Please note that only YOU can pick up YOUR prizes. We will not give prize bags to friends or teammates. You can pick them up after the race on Friday.

Next up, BINGO! If you bought a Bingo ticket (check your Thursday bib for a tear strip), stop by the Bingo & Fundraising Prizes tent to grab your Bingo Bracelet. Do not lose this bracelet – it is your only admission ticket for Friday night! If tickets are still available, you can also purchase a bracelet for Friday night’s Drag Queen Bingo extravaganza at the tent!

Ok, you’re almost done. Your last stop is to walk to the MUSC tent and sign our 2022 Honor Board. If you are a survivor, you’ll also pick up your official Survivor Swag Bag here, too.

Welcome Home, FlockStars! There’s a lot going on tonight, but here are the basic instructions:
1) go to the tent and grab your packet and swag bag,
2) find your Thursday bib and go to the center of the tent wiith your shirt size tear strip to grab your event shirt. If you raised at least $300,
3) stop at the Bingo & Fundraising Prize tent to pick up your fundraising prizes and Bingo bracelet (if applicable).
4) stop through the Newbie Zone to get to our Hometown Sign painting stations (decorate an arrow with your hometown name and mileage so we can add to our “totem poles” and make a Mad Hattery Hat if you want.
5) head over to the MUSC tent to sign the Honor Board and pick up a Survivor Swag Bag (if you are a survivor, of course).

Your Pledge the Pink swag bag (packet) will include:

  • 4 bibs (including a bib for Thursday night to help you/us navigate through packet pickup)
  • Gifts and swag from us (and our fabulous sponsors)
If you raised at least $300, we’ll have prize(s) waiting for you at the Fundraising Prizes & Bingo tent! Note that we will only give prizes to YOU (not your friends picking up your swag and packet).
If you raised at least $200 this year, we’ve placed a flamingo in our Flocks of Love display to recognize your support. Please feel free to decorate a “naked bird” to recognize those you are honoring. You can take your birdie home with you from 12pm to 1pm on Sunday.

In addition to our own Pledge the Pink merchandise, some of our sponsors and fellow FlockStars will be selling their goods during the party on Thursday, so make sure you stop by and say hey to everyone (click here if you’d like to have a booth to sell products as a PTP fundraiser).

Our very own DJ Alan will be back to blast your favorite tunes and keep us in stitches with hilarious games and antics.

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