April Q&A
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#5 The new fundraising platform seems great but I’m having some trouble setting up my page. And it is driving me crazy!

The new system is fabulous, but yes there are a few glitches and we feel your pain. Trust us!

First and foremost, always use a desktop to setup your page. Phones and tablets are bound to give you frustrating errors.

We have a bunch of quick tips that’ll have you raking in the big bucks by dinner. Check it out here.

#4 Other than all the yoga/fitness clothes, there’s not a whole lot left in the online Fancy store. Will there be new merchandise coming soon or do we have to wait until the event?

Yall have pretty much wiped us out of the shirts and hoodies, but we do have plenty of beach towels, flags, and cute plush Fancys still in stock. You can shop til you drop here. And yeah, we will have a TON of new merchandise available this year and we hope to have a lot of it for sale in our store next month! OMG, yall are gonna love this stuff!!!

And while we’re talking about the yoga clothes, we’re about to start selling our loot to the general public so if you want to scoop them on the deal of the century, go HERE and pick out any three bottoms (leggings or capris) any get three tops (or bras) for FREE. Yup, the deal of the century.

#3 How do I sign up for all the Fripp activities? And can my husband/kids/guests come, too?

Man, are we going to have fun! And yes, the more the merrier. Your guests are always invited to join our activities and meals- just sign them up!

There’s a link from within your dashboard, but you can also do it from here: https://www.frippislandresort.com/pledge-the-pink-schedule/

Spaces on the boats, dinners, and other activities will fill up fast so make your plans and then sign up quickly. If you have questions about any of these Fripp activities, please contact the resort directly at (843)-838-1507.

Also please note that all the silly games and shenanigans laid out in the schedule are free and open to everyone so there’s nothing to RSVP for those (movies, smores, trivia, talent show, lawn games, etc). Just show up and join the party!

#2 How many people have signed up and when will registration close?

We have less than 100 spots left now so between those and occasional cancellations, I suspect registration will remain open thru May. It is impossible to tell though so if you haven’t registered yet, please do it sooner rather than later.

#1 When will yall announce the special theme for the weekend?

NOW! Check it out: https://pledgethepink.com/event/theme/

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