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Do I have to create a new account for fundraising?

No! Use your Dashboard username and password to create your fundraising page. Once you are logged in to Dashboard your are automatically logged in to the fundraising site and vice versa.

What if I’ve already collected a check made out to Carolina Cups (I was waiting to send it to you when the new fundraising platform opens).

No worries! Our bank is awesome and they will continue to accept checks made out to Carolina Cups through October. Your donation will be deposited into our account and the donor will receive a tax receipt from Pledge the Pink Foundation.

What about the previous checks I already sent you that were made out to Carolina Cups?

They are already deposited and have been credited to your old fundraising page. Your donors should already have their tax receipt from Carolina Cups, which is still acceptable to the IRS.

What happens with the old fundraising site and my existing fundraising page?

If you created a page on our GroupRev system and already started receiving donations, then we will set up a new page for you on our new platform and “transfer” the transactions there. Once we’ve done this, we will email you to let you know. You’ll be all set up and ready to accept to new donations!

We will do the same for team pages that have donations, and the team captain will be able to edit the page once logged in.

If you created a page on our old platform but did not receive any donations then you’ll simply recreate your page on our new system. You can log in with your Dashboard username and password!

When should people expect to see the GroupRev funds moved over to the new site?

If you received donations on our old GroupRev site then we will email you just as soon as your new page is ready to go on our new platform. We estimate that we’ll have your previous donations entered for you by Wednesday night.

Note that if you created a page on GroupRev but didn’t receive any donations, you’ll be responsible for creating a new fundraising page on the new platform (it’s super simple so don’t worry about a thing)!

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