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#1. I’ve seen the jam-packed schedule of activities going on over the course of Pledge the Pink weekend and it looks like it’s gonna be a real humdinger! But how do we sign up for the activities and buy tickets for dinner and such?

Humdinger doesn’t even begin to cover it! Here’s the link to sign up and RSVP: https://www.frippislandresort.com/pledge-the-pink-schedule/

It is also easily accessible in your dashboard so you can choose all the bonus activities your little heart desires!

Spaces on the boats, dinners, and other activities will fill up fast so make your plans and then sign up quickly. If you have questions about any of these Fripp activities, please contact the resort directly at (843)-838-1507.

Also please note that all the silly games and shenanigans laid out in the schedule are free and open to everyone so there’s nothing to RSVP for those (movies, smores, trivia, talent show, lawn games, etc). Just show up and join the party!

#2. Remind me again about restaurants, getting groceries, and other ways I can indulge myself during our fabulous weekend together?

You’ve got a ton of options when it comes to food. Read below and also download this blog post for menus and links:

  • Grocery shop in Beaufort on your way in or have groceries delivered when you arrive (Piggly Wiggly and WalMart both deliver and are aware yall are coming)
  • RSVP for the nightly dinners Fripp is hosting (use this link)
  • Eat at the delicious Bonito Marina or order a pizza to go
  • Dine out at the nearby restaurants (Johnson’s Creek Tavern, Boondocks, Foolish Frog)
  • Place a take out order from Fripp’s caterers during the weekend. They’ll be offering full meals for 2-50 people each night. Order in advance and then pick it up at the Food Court (at the beach club). Menus coming soon!

#3. I still don’t have a place to stay. Do I have to rent a whole house? Can I get a hotel room? How can I find people to roommate with? What’s this Newbie House I keep hearing about?

If you want to stay on Fripp (and we encourage you to do so) then you’ll need to either rent a house/condo or find peeps looking for roommates. There are no hotels in the resort.

  • Go to Fripp’s website and check out their properties: www.frippislandresort.com
  • Join our Facebook housing group for peeps looking to share rentals for the weekend. See if you meet your new besties and/or find the house of your dreams. Post there and also in our Facebook group Chat Club to let folks know what you’re looking for.
  • There is an official Newbie House this year and you can choose your room and simply move in! You get four nights in this oceanfront manse for just $290 per person. Call the resort directly and tell them you want to book a room at the Newbie House! (843)-838-1507
  • If you want to pitch a tent or bring an RV, there are still a few campsites available at adjacent Hunting Island State Park for just $34/night. Deal. Of. The. Century. And so much fun!

#4. When will fundraising finally start?

Fancy is happy to report that the new fundraising platform will be ready for action this weekend! We will send an email to all registrants and volunteers the moment it is open (and do a few hundred backflips on Facebook) so there’s no way you’ll miss it.

Our goal this year is to raise $350,000 by October 31. And yall get to Choose Your Charity this year if you/your team raises at least 5k! Check it out here: https://pledgethepink.com/blog/choose-your-charity/

#5. What are the dates for next year? I hear yall are moving it up to a bit?

We’re still finalizing the big plans for our 2020 and 2021 events so we can’t divulge anything just yet, but it looks like we’ll be Pledge-the-Pinking October 15-18 next year and October 14-17, 2021. Save the dates!

We wanted to move the date away from Halloween since so many of our FlockStars have little Trick or Treaters at home. The earlier dates should also make the pool and beach a bit warmer, and that means more fun for FlockStars!

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