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#5 What’s for dinner? What will Fripp be serving at their dinner buffets?

Deliciousness! Here are the detailed menus for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. RSVP now before they sell out. Use this link to sign up for dinners and all the other fun Fripp activities!

#4 What’s with all the shoes? Why is everyone collecting used shoes?

There’s a company called funds2org.com that pays for gently used shoes so FlockStar Katherine Campbell decided this was an easy way to fundraise for Pledge the Pink without having to ask friends and family for money! She’s hitting them up for shoes instead!

She’s been so successful that dozens of other FlockStars are now jumping on the bandwagon and yall have gotten thousands of shoes donated! Do it with your team or do it on your own. Start a shoe drive at work, at your kids school, or stop by garage sales at the end of the day and ask them to donate all their unsold shoes. The average fundraiser is getting over $1800! Watch this video for more info.

#3 Why aren’t all my donations posting to my fundraising page?

There are many reasons why you might see a delay in posted donations but there’s one thing you can do to ensure they get credited right away: enter the donation onto your fundraising page as an “offline donation”. Not only will your total then be accurate and your donors can see their donation instantly, but it makes our verification process much faster. Our policy is to have all mailed checks verified and posted to your page within a week of receipt.

Likewise, if your employer has a company match program and you’ve submitted everything to them, please note that it takes many of these companies up to 90 days to send us checks. And most times they don’t include the registrant’s name so we don’t know who to credit! This is another reason it is important that you add these offline donations to your fundraising page. We make all efforts to allocate employer match donations to the right person and it is a lot quicker for us to narrow down who gets credit if we see the same dollar amount entered offline on your page. We will contact you to confirm it is yours, by the way!

#2 Yall have a long list of volunteer needs! How many spots are still available and how can I volunteer if I’m out there beating feet for 30 miles?

Ha! Yes, it takes over 400 people to bring Pledge the Pink to life. Fortunately, our volunteers have so much fun that they come back year after year to be part of the festivities, so we’re in good shape. However, we are still a few spots short at the Packet Pickup Party on Thursday night, especially the 5-8pm shift. So that’s a perfect opportunity for registrants to lend a hand and “party behind the packets”!

Some of our Fancy Camp activities that happen around the pool or at the beach post-race are also in need of volunteers to lead in group shenanigans. These would be perfect for teams or a bunch of friends to do together! Here’s a link to all the jobs still available: https://pledgethepink.com/get-involved/#volunteer

#1 Inquiring minds want to know: what is in those Wal Mart boxes Laura posted?

164 boxes of Rice Krispy cereal and 300+ bags of strawberry marshmallows. We’ll be making some sweet treats for yall on the courses this year! And yes, we will have lots of healthy stuff, too!

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