More Fun STARTS at the Finish Line

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With our Fancy Camp format, the fun no longer ends at the finish lines!

The games, activities, excursions, and parties now extend another 8+ hours!

And the super cool thing is you can do as much or as little of these bonus shenanigans as you want. If you’d rather treat yourself to an hour massage, or take a nap in a hammock, or hang out on the beach, or find a quiet pool… you can do that!

Or you could spend the afternoon and evening with us boogying pool side, competing in ridiculous games and trivia contests, or playing golf, or celebrate your accomplishments with friends for a sunset cruise on the SS Fripper.

And let’s not forget our evening Talent Show, movies in the pool, and Oyster Roast!

The schedule is packed with free activities and with a bunch of Fripp-sponsored festivities that range from 5-40 bucks.

We’ve got something for everyone, but we know this is your vacation time so you can spend it however you want.

Here’s a sample of what a random day in 2019 looked like:

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