Top 10 Things You Need to Know For Our Big ~Virtual~ Weekend Together!

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Here are the Top 10 things you need to know about:

  1. Fundraising for prizes? We need your checks in hand by October 1st. Any donations that come in after October 1st will still be credited to your account but will not count towards prizes. Any donations that come in after 11:59 on October 31 will go into your 2021 fundraising account.
  2. If you signed up to play BINGO, you’ll receive your cards via email on Oct 9th. You can either print them out and mark the numbers with a pen on BINGO night or you can pull them up on your phone and mark them on your screen. We do not have any more bingo entries available, but we invite EVERYONE to join us for the show! We will post a link to the Zoom “meeting” on Facebook and also send yall an email with a link on that Friday (Oct 16).
  3. If you want to enter your house into the FRIPP House Decorating Contest, go here before Oct 14 to enter your FRIPP address and be signed up for the contest
  4. We want to interview as many of you as possible over event weekend so if you’d like to chat with us LIVE, go here to sign up for the segments of your choice.
  5. Survivors, just a reminder to send us your “Surviving Strong” poster selfie ASAP (just reply to this email) and to upload your story here.
  6. To our 700+ non-survivors, we want to hear your WHY, too! Tell us why you walk and why Pledge the Pink is important to you. Go here to tell us your story.
  7. For those of you not going to Fripp but want to decorate your house for event weekend (or have friends on your course that want to decorate for you) please make sure to post a picture of the house no later than noon on Oct 15 so we can include it in our judging contest! Use #PTPdecoratingcontest
  8. Click here to upload 20-second shout outs and messages of encouragement to your friendsteammates, and fellow FlockStars. We will compile them into montage videos and play them while yall are walking/running/crawling during event weekend. Be funny, brave, inspiring, encouraging- be all the above! Just try to not make more than like 10 messages so we can include everyone’s shout outs.
  9. Veterans – click here to tell us your favorite Pledge the Pink memories. Tell us why those particular moments mean so much to you. We will do our best to upload all of these into a few montage videos that will play over the weekend. I, for one, cannot wait to hear them
  10. Who wants to sign up for PJ Karaoke night live on Facebook? Go here to view all the available songs and then sign up to select your favorite. Note that this is for all registrants who are not doing PJ Karaoke at Johnson’s Creek Tavern Saturday night. Yall will have your own karaoke party there and can choose your songs/sign up at the Tavern that evening.

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