Training and Shopping and Fundraising, Oh My!

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There’s still plenty of time left so don’t panic! Download our training schedules here and follow the 6 or 8 week calendar. If/when life happens, adjust the schedules however you need to. The most important thing to squeeze in every week is the back to back trainings. Make sure you do at least 5 miles one day and 5 miles the following day. Increase those distances every week. If you can add a third day, even if it is a shorter distance, that will help immensely.


Find a Friend

Need an accountability buddy or a training coach? Let our team of seasoned vets help you cross those finish lines! Leave a comment below and let us know we can best assist you. Tips, whips, high fives, modifications, best practices, suggestions, and encouragement are all available. And we can answer any questions about our courses. I’m a licensed trainer and have coached thousands of peeps- including many of our seasoned FlockStars. We’re here for you every step of the way! Want to train with new friends in your area? We’ve got PTPers everywhere! Check our registrant list and sort by State to find peeps closest to you. Then tag them in our Facebook group and suggest a sweaty meetup. Yall will be BFFs before mile one. xoxo


FlockStar Tracker

We need your blood, sweat, and tears to help us bring Fancy back from the moon so make sure you log your training miles on our group tracker! And if you want to add a 5th medal to your Pledge the Pink collection, and help us buy a few Uber rides for folks needing transportation to treatment, you can join our official Fancy to the Moon & Back virtual challenge!



Our Pledge the Pink containers are scheduled to arrive at the NYC port authority tomorrow with literally TONS of Fancy merchandise (and your shiny medals)! If you haven’t already purchased your favorite Fancy accoutrements, then head to our store and shop til you drop (or until we run out of inventory… which is getting close on many of the items)! We will mail all your purchases by the end of September.


Fundraising Update

Strike up the band and dance a jig: yall slayed our 100k goal last week and voted to increase our goal to 125k! And many of you FlockStars said “GO BIG” and voted to push it to 150k! Where we land is completely up to you. And while we know that a lot of folks don’t like to fundraise, we hope that you’ll consider making a tax deductible donation to help us save more lives.

Having trouble logging in and creating your page? Here’s a quick tutorial video that’ll have you up in two minutes!

Guinness World Record

Not only does every $50 fund a lifesaving mammogram, but it also adds a bird to our Flocks of Love pink flamingo display. That will hopefully break the Guinness World Record on October 27 and bring the bragging rights back to Pledge the Pink! We set the original world record in 2016 with 1058 flamingos, and then the City of Buffalo, NY “stole” it a few months ago with 1500 birds. With your help, we will hit our GO BIG goal of $150,000 which means that our flock will have 3000 pink flamingos on display at the Bluffton start line! Not only will that resoundingly regain our Guinness World Record, but that also means that 3000 women will receive a free mammogram during the scariest 10 minutes of their lives. Everyone wins! Except Buffalo 🙂 Here’s more info on how the the Flocks of Love will work this year and how you decorate and write messages on your birds:

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