Meet the Virtual Map and FlockStar Tracker

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Dots Across America!

Help us “dot” the country on our Virtual Map by telling us where you’ll be doing your 30 cancer-kicking miles in October.

  • Enter your home address or the address of a nearby park if you’ll be walking/running in your hometown
  • Enter your house/condo rental address if you’ll be flocking to Fripp for the weekend
  • Or enter a zip code of a destination you plan on visiting for the extravaganza
  • Plan on doing your miles in several different locations? Enter the location where you might want company from a nearby FlockStar

This is a great tool for yall to find new friends in your neck of the woods and connect for training and/or the big event!

You can even include your contact info and Facebook URL so fellow FlockStars can contact you (this step is totally optional).

Watch a quick tutorial here.

FlockStar Tracker

We’ve also launched our fancy FlockStar Tracker so you can log all your training miles (and daily steps, too)! We’re trying to collectively hit 50,000 as a flock so every step counts.

Here’s a quick video to show just how easy it is.

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