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Hilton Head Island is the ideal place to make memories that will last forever. Whether your idea of the perfect getaway is relaxing on the beach, teeing off at lush golf courses, perfecting your backhand, exploring the Island by bike, riding high on a parasailing adventure, trying your hand at shark fishing, spending the day with your peeps zip lining, sipping a frosty beverage on a sunset cruise, or walking/running 30 miles… you can do it all right here on the country’s #1 island (true story -we are ranked #1 almost every year!).

As a long-time local, I want to give you some suggestions on things/places you should absolutely do while you’re here.

The Tips

There’s no doubt about it – Hilton Head is gorgeous, in part because of our seriously strong environmental ordinances. As a result of these rules, the buildings blend into the landscape and signs are all small and muted. It is difficult to read the addresses and signs. At night, there are no street lights so getting lost is pretty easy… Bottom line, prepare to cuss and drive by your destinations a few times. Put the address in your GPS so you have a better chance of getting where you are going! Look for cross street names on the overhead street poles.

Getting Around the Island

Pretty much wherever you are staying on the island, you can get to Shelter Cove, Chaplin Park, or the Omni within 10-15 minutes (drive)


For people staying in gated communities

Eating out: If you have a large group, you’ll want to make dinner reservations before you arrive to ensure you get a table

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