What Makes Us Different Than All the Other Events

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Every penny of the event proceeds goes to the cause.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

First things first: our primary goal is to give participants the most uplifting, rewarding, inspiring, and magical experience of their lives.

So yeah, we’re way more than a knock-your-socks-off-two-hour race.

We’re a one-of-a-kind, first-class, best-weekend-of-your-life, life-changing event.

An event that focuses just as much on the extras (dances with Shoe, funny course signs) as we do on nuts and bolts (porta johns, gatorade).

That’s what separates us and makes Pledge the Pink so appealing.

Most importantly, without Pledge the Pink, we wouldn’t have a platform to raise money for the cause.

  • Without a loyal tribe of thousands, a sold out race, and a world-class event, we would not be able to secure the sponsorships and corporate donors that are the bread and butter of our fundraising efforts.
  • If our reputation of excellence and big-hearted support network wasn’t recognized world-wide, we wouldn’t be able to offer virtual races to people around the globe. These secondary events not only bring more Pledges into the family, but they also help fund the research grants we offer.
  • Without the sale of merchandise, picture packs, and our record-breaking Flocks of Love campaign, thousands of women would go without a mammogram every year.

Because of You

Your registration gets you a ticket to the best weekend of your life. It covers your meals, medals, swag, parties, course amenities, boats, buses, insurance, and a host of other stuff that would make your head spin.

It also covers the bills we incur to advertise, design cute medals, build a website, communicate with registrants, cover processing fees, permits, insurance, and security.

And, in most cases, a contribution to the cause.

Because while we don’t require fundraising like so many other races, every full-price registration fee ($350) includes a contribution to the cause.

Those who purchase early with discounted rates pretty much cover their cost to participate, but nothing more.

But that’s okay.

Because these eager FlockStars are also the ones that work their tail feathers off to recruit new peeps and grow our flock.

And they’re the ones that fundraise. Just because they want to.

Ready to join our flock and be part of something fabulous?

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4 thoughts on “What Makes Us Different Than All the Other Events”

  1. Vk2001@sbcglobal.net

    If I fundraise how is the monies used . how what how %? I am a former Avon 39 walker. All of 2018 walks have been canceled. Aot of us are thinking abiut your event .

    1. Pledge the Pink supports the fight by funding mammograms, biopsies, treatment, and research.

      Every penny of our race proceeds goes straight to 501 (c)(3) nonprofits, such as the American Cancer Society, Mayo Clinic, Hollings Cancer Center, Volunteers in Medicine, Carolina Cups, Comprehensive Health Services, and countless other cancer-fighting beneficiaries. These dollars provide funding for heroic, budget-restricted, non-profit, service providers.

      We also provide special grants to help with things like patient transportation to treatment, childcare/elder care during their appointments, home care, insurance co-pays, lymphedema support, and medications.
      Hope to see you on the island!
      ~Pledge the Pink Team

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