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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in my registration?

Four days of hope, inspiration, and seriously stunning courses. Training resources, confidence, and roughly 1300 new friends. The pride that comes with fighting for a cause, the satisfaction of doing a good thing…

Oh you mean, like, “the stuff?”

  • A fun evening at our Thursday night Packet Pickup Party (waterfront sunset included).
  • Post-race daily after parties at each of our finish lines with live entertainment, a hot lunch (yes, REAL food), cold drinks (real ones are also avail!), and endless shenanigans that’ll make you pee yourself (and take your mind off your feet, of course).
  • An invite to our Volunteer-Thank-You-Can’t-Wait-To-See-Yall-Again beach party on Monday (a fun, no mileage beach day with all your new besties).
  • A style-defining swag bag complete with official event race hat, bib, and other pretty pink things you’ll love.
  • The bling a weekend like this deserves: four gorgeous medals. One for each day, and a bonus 5” honker for those that tackle all 30 miles.
  • Surprises. The good kind. Trust us, we’re full of ‘em.
Budgeting for Your Weekend

About 75% of our registrants come from out of town (48 states and 14 countries in 2017!) so yall will have travel expenses and accommodation costs. Use our Facebook group to meet your new besties and save money by carpooling down here with folks in your area.

And yall can go in on a beach house or condo and save even more money– splitting up a bigger place that sleeps several people is much cheaper AND you can have breakfast and dinner at home vs going out to eat.

Our previous out-of-town registrants say that $300-500 pretty much covers your weekend expenses, if you buddy up.

When should I get there?

Immediately. It’s beautiful here.

But in case that doesn’t work for you: you’ll want to be in town at least Thursday through Sunday of race weekend (Oct 25-28).

If you decide to stay longer, you’ll be in good company. Tons of our peeps stick around after the blisters have healed and make the best weekend of their life, the best week of their life.

Oh, and we’re starting a new annual tradition in 2018: a wrap party on the beach! Mondays have never been so fun (or at least Monday, Oct 29)!

Come on, you worked hard and kicked some serious cancer-butt. We sure think a vacation is in order.

Where will I stay during race weekend?

Um, in paradise (aka the South Carolina lowcountry). Obviously.

More specifically: most people decide to stay on Hilton Head island. There, you’ll find thousands of hotel rooms, beach houses, timeshares, and villas to choose from. The Coligny Beach, Shelter Cove, and Singleton Beach areas are probably the most convenient.

It takes 10 minutes to get anywhere on the Island, so don’t worry about the exact location. Heck, there are lots of less expensive options in Bluffton and you’ll STILL be super close to everything.

TIP: Meet new friends in our Facebook group and consider sharing a luxurious mansion together (uh yeah, coz a lot of our beach houses here have 7+ bed/baths, private pools/hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, and lots of room to spread out). And they are cheaper than hotels. #truestory

What if it rains?

If it is pouring rain, we are racing. If it is snowing, we are racing. If it is hot, we are racing. If it is cold, we are racing. If the sky is full of locusts (ha, or love bugs), we are racing.

A little rain won’t stop us but Pledge the Pink does have the right to delay, cancel, or suspend the race due to inclement weather or other potential safety risks (like lightning).

What are the hours every day? Is there a certain time limit to finish the course?

Due to transportation logistics and tides, we have to adjust our start times based on the tides and transportation logistics.

You’ll need to be at the start line for instructions and announcements at least 15 minutes before START every morning.

Most people finish our 10 mile courses in 3 hours but you’ve got up to 4 hours to complete it, so enjoy!

And yes, we do offer short-cuts for those of you that want an abbreviated version of the fun!

The after-parties usually crank up 2 hours after the START and go for about 4 hours total.

Once we finalize the courses and islands for our 2018 event, we will post the weekend schedule with specific start times, locations, etc.

Is my registration tax deductible?

Sorry, registrations aren’t tax deductible. It’s an IRS ruling  and out of our control. While we give all proceeds from the event to the cause—registrations count as “payments,” not contributions.

Because your registration buys your participation in the event, it’s classified as a purchase, not a gift.

However, individual donations (made independently from your registration) are 100% tax deductible. See our Donation Page for more information.

Is there discount for kids?

Children 12 and under receive a 20% discount, and any child under the age of 7 can register for just $25.

We’ve watched dozens of kids grow up in our races every year. Seriously empowering stuff.

And they love going back to school dripping in medals.

Will there be water/snack/aid stations along the course?

Yes, we have water and aid stations along the routes (all our course amenities will be shown in detail on our course maps, which are normally released in July). Our cool volunteers will have water, Gatorade, trail mix, fruit, frozen treats, salty snacks,  Bandaids, sunscreen, and lots of high fives!

Will there be bathrooms?

No dancing at the start lines, we’ll have plenty o’ potties for yall! And we try to maximize the use of REAL bathrooms at our public parks and  golf courses as much as possible, but yeah, we make sure there are lots of portables for yall on the courses.

Who should attend Pledge the Pink?


Seriously. Pledge the Pink is for everyone who thinks cancer sucks. Bring your besties, bring your kids, bring your mom, husband, neighbors, boss, barista, high school crush, George Clooney.

(Please, please bring George Clooney).

Whoever you bring, form a team! All ages and fitness levels are welcome, supported, and encouraged, here. We don’t care if you run, walk, crawl, or push a stroller across that finish line (psst – short cuts are available with no shame attached!)

We just care about kicking cancer’s butt. Together.

And having fun doing it.

“Whoa, this sounds expensive.”

We’ll play it straight with you: Pledge the Pink prices aren’t what they used to be. We’ve grown, and so have our goals. And so have the economic hurdles of herding 1300-1500 people around 3 islands, over the course of 3 days.

We want the whole world to join us for PTP weekend. But we also don’t want to skimp on what matters: the cause. We offer early bird pricing, and incentives for registering in advance. But we can’t afford to cut ticket costs much further.

Because we’ve got $200,000 to raise. And every penny of our proceeds goes to fighting breast cancer.

In short: we don’t cut our rates, because we’re not ready to cut back on what makes PTP special: the one-of-a-kind race experience, and the justified sense that, just in signing up, you’ve made a difference.

“Whoa, this sounds cheap.”

When you consider the logistics, permits, and perks that go into a three-day, three-island, race… $350, is a steal.

We do it by constantly cutting overhead, soliciting sponsors anywhere we can get ‘em, and relying on a kickass force of dedicated volunteers.

The money goes to nonprofit health care providers and women who need it. We’re paid in the warm fuzzy feelings and sweaty hugs at the finish line.

Can my friends & family come cheer me on?

Yes, we love friends and family!  In fact, we probably have a few things they can do for us while you’re out beatin’ feet. See if they might be interested in volunteering for an hour or  two.

Can I walk with a stroller?

As long as they have cute babies in them! We love showing the kids how cool Pledge the Pink is, and how even cooler it is to exercise and help people!

Please note that our Sunday course typically includes 5+ miles on the beach, so you might want to bring a beach stroller. Our beaches are hard-packed sands, but 5-7 miles with a stroller is a long way!

Is there a survivor discount?

Having survivors at our races is important to us, and we would absolutely love to give discounts. Heck, we wish they could come along for free. But the end of the day: our priority is the cause. Your registration dollars don’t go towards lining our pocketbooks—they go towards women who need mammograms, or treatment. They go towards research. They go towards finding a cure.

We feel the best way to honor those who have been so personally affected by breast cancer, is to contribute everything we can towards putting an end to this disease. And we’ve made the (difficult) choice to cut discounts, with this in mind.

How else can I help?

Wow, super thoughtful of you to ask! Signing up for Pledge the Pink is already a HUGE deal. And we’d be eternally grateful if you recruited all your peeps to join you. The more registrants we have, the more money we raise.

Speaking of moolah, every year, our big-hearted pledges raise thousands more for the cause.

Fundraising isn’t required, but it sure makes a big impact. Every penny donated goes straight to mammograms for women in need. Learn more here.

What other races do you have?

While our big 4-day love-fest in Hilton Head is our signature event, we produce multiple virtual races throughout the year. The fun, goofy, and casual races keep our Pledge family active and help us raise money year-round.

What is a virtual race?

They are pretty darn cool. We come up with unique challenges, create training schedules, and design the most awesome bling possible. You pay like $25 or $30 to register, you train your tail feathers off (using our private Facebook group for support and accountability) and then you do your “race” whenever is convenient for you. Walk it, run it, bike it, crawl it. Your race, your rules. We’ll ship your bling and you can upload your celebration selfie when it arrives. Click here for more scoop.


Still have a question? Want to say hi?

Send us an email to and we’ll do our best to follow up with you within 48 hours. Please remember that behind the scenes, it’s just a handful of volunteers. xo

Our Mission

We Pledge to create a premiere event bringing people from across the country to SC’s lowcountry for a four-day walk/run celebration. We Pledge to support each other and embrace all fitness levels, providing a safe environment for everyone to give their best. We Pledge to provide non-bureaucratic funding for breast cancer screening, treatment, and research. We Pledge to crush goals, laugh uncontrollably, and celebrate survivorship. We Pledge to give you the Best Weekend of Your Life.