Are you smart, strong, and scrappy?

Join our FlockSquad Crew!

Our Flock Squad Crew is the backbone of Pledge the Pink.

We need 8 smart, strong, and scrappy people to be in charge of setup, break down, logistics, equipment & supplies, truck management, and basically all things important!

Crew members work Wednesday afternoon (Oct 24) thru Sunday night or Monday morning (Oct 28/29).

Crew registration is $200 per person. Members are housed in our 6BR beach house and the majority of your meals are provided.

Please use the form below to be part of our introduction & overview video call in late March. Official Crew registration will open after this meeting.


What’s the difference between Crew and Volunteers?

Crew members work together as a united team for the entire weekend in labor-intensive activities, whereas Volunteer jobs tend to be in short shifts and do not require manual labor or long term commitment (click here to see the volunteer duties).

Flock Squad job responsibilities and schedule are listed below. Please note that advanced planning will happen via online meetings. It is critical that all Crew members partake in these planning sessions so that we can collectively develop a logistics plan for event weekend.

The majority of the weekend work involves lifting, carrying, and standing on your feet for long periods of time. If you have any physical limitations, please let us know and we will try to accommodate.

Crew Training & Logistics Planning

Crew meetings via phone/video chats will be scheduled from April thru October, as needed. These meetings will explain systems and SOPs used in previous years, and course maps will be distributed (and site plan for Packet Pickup Party).

Event overview and daily logistic details will be discussed in depth during the first meeting. We will provide an inventory of course supplies and event equipment and a high-level breakdown of each day’s Crew activities.

We will develop daily logistic agendas at subsequent meetings and continue to fine tune as a team over the summer and fall.

An optional “field trip” to the venues will be scheduled with those Crew members that are able to spend a day or two on site between April and September.

*NOTE: An introduction meeting is being scheduled for mid-late March to answer everyone’s questions before you commit to joining our Flock Squad!

Event Weekend:

The Crew starts work on Wednesday late afternoon and finishes Sunday late afternoon.

The Crew basically sets and breaks down each day’s event including the Packet Pickup Party, three courses, and the daily start and finish lines.

After creating a logistics plan (and subsequent daily agendas) in the months leading up to the event, Crew will load the truck(s) on Wednesday afternoon in preparation for Thursday’s party and the rest of the weekend.

All course supplies, equipment, and registration packets will be loaded, unloaded, set up, and broken down by Crew every day.

This includes:

This includes:

  • Pit stops with water, sports drink, snacks, coolers, ice, cups, trash cans, tables, tents, first aid, and signs
  • Course signage including mile markers, directional signs, sponsor signs, banners, and motivational signs
  • Start line area including the actual inflatable arch, race clock, PA system, tables, tents, snacks, water, on-site registration/packet pickup, and setting all required power
  • Finish line area including the actual arch, race clock, PA system, tables, tents, fruit, water, sports drink, coolers, ice, cups, race medals, PA system, photo props, and first aid
  • After-party area including tables, chairs, tents, decorations, DJ stage, signs, photo props, trash/recycling, bag drop, lost & found, merchandise, and setting all required power
  • Packet Pickup Party including tables, chairs, race packets, sponsor support, DJ stage, trash, signs, tents, photo props, and setting all required power

Communication amongst Crew, Volunteer Managers, the Sweep Team, and daily security point of contact is essential.

Crew is central to building and maintaining courses and producing a fun, safe, and clean atmosphere during the event. They provide instructions to station managers, stay in communication to determine inventory/additional supplies needed, redistributes supplies as needed, and picks up excess supplies as the route closes for the day.

Crew coordinates with the daily Sweep Team to know when course breakdown can begin.