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This is Why We Walk

Together, we make a difference.


Mammogram Fund: Flocks of Love

Through our sister 501c3 charity, Carolina Cups, you have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for mammograms in the last three years.

Dubbed Flocks of Love, donations to this mammogram fund are fully tax deductible and every single penny pays for life-saving screening to someone in need.

Did you know that $50 funds a mammogram? Which means that every fifty dollars you raise could save a life.

We recognize these heroic donations by placing a plastic pink flamingo in our annual Flocks of Love display for every mammogram raised.

Our Flocks of Love has held the Guinness World Record for several years, and with your help, we will shatter our previous records and our flock will stand 2500 strong this year.


The Event: Pledge the Pink

In addition to the dedicated mammogram fund, Pledge the Pink supports every part of
the fight by funding biopsies, treatment, patient services, and research.

We are able to fund these other critical areas through corporate sponsorships, event proceeds, merchandise sales, and local support.

We also produce several virtual events, allowing us reach more people and grow our flock. The proceeds from these virtual races provide special grants to cover patient’s transportation to treatment, childcare/elder care during their appointments, home care, insurance co-pays, lymphedema support, and medications.

Quite simply, we fill the gap and help people that need it most. Without the red-tape and bureaucracy.

Want to help us fundraise?

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Our Beneficiaries

We’re proud to partner with difference makers, big and small. Our 2018 beneficiaries include: American Cancer Society, Mayo Clinic, Hollings Cancer Center, Volunteers in Medicine, and Comprehensive Health Services.

“Thanks to Pledge the Pink, children still have their mothers. Your donations are literally the difference between life and death. They allow us to provide the treatment needed to women in need.”
“Our clinic is filled with the uninsured in need of free quality healthcare. We are able to assist them because of the your generous spirit.”
“We have a talented researcher who is working on a breast cancer vaccine that your donations help fund. Imagine a world where young women can get a shot and dramatically reduce their risk of ever developing breast cancer!”

Our Mission

We Pledge to create a premiere event, bringing people from across the country to our four-day walk/run celebration. We Pledge to support each other and embrace all fitness levels, providing a safe environment for everyone to give their best. We Pledge to provide non-bureaucratic funding for breast cancer screening, treatment, and research. We Pledge to crush goals, laugh uncontrollably, and celebrate survivorship. We Pledge to give you the Best Weekend of Your Life.