One Bird = One Mammogram

Adopt a $50 flamingo and save a life.

Our $100,000 Mission

Your donations save lives. It really is that simple, that direct. That important.

We are on a mission to fund 2000 mammograms, helping thousands of women during the scariest 10 minutes of their lives. #FillFancy


$50 funds a mammogram…

Pledge the Pink dedicates itself to beating breast cancer—through research, awareness, treatment, and prevention. While the proceeds from our events support every part of the fight, our donations go to mammograms.

The reason is simple: we’ve seen mammograms save lives. We’ve seen late-detection take lives.

Your donation doesn’t get lost in bureaucracy—it goes straight to a woman who needs your help.

…and a flamingo?

Hear us out. Flamingo’s have always represented Pledge the Pink. Pledge the Pink has always represented generosity. Your generosity is represented in the form of plastic pink lawn flamingos.

It sounds silly, but for every mammogram, we put a birdie on the beach. And when you see our flock—over a thousand flamingos strong, you’ll see that what you’ve contributed, is a part of something much bigger.


How much: This year, we’re doubling our fundraising goal: $200,000, overall, to the cause.

From where: From everywhere. Every penny of the proceeds—from our sponsorships, registrations, merchandise, and your donations, goes straight to the cause. And just to be clear, 100% of your donations go to our nonprofit beneficiaries.

To where: We’re proud to partner with difference makers, big and local. This year PTP funds will support the American Cancer Society, Mayo Clinic, Hollings Cancer Center, Volunteers in Medicine, Comprehensive Health Services, and Carolina Cups.


Early-detection pushes the breast cancer 5-year survival rate to nearly 100%. Mammograms are the best way to catch breast cancer early.

Every cent you donate here will be tax deductible. It’ll go straight towards a mammogram for a woman who can’t afford one. And yeah, you’ll get a tax receipt right away, too.

We work with our service provider partners to provide mammograms at only $50 per screening.

Last year, we raised $50,000 (1,000 mammograms!) through donations alone.

This year, we’re looking to double that.

Up for the challenge?


The 5-year survival rate for women who detect cancer in stage 0 or 1*


The number uninsured women in South Carolina who get mammograms at the recommended frequency.*

How many mammograms Pledge the Pink provided for women in need last year.

“Thanks to Pledge the Pink, children still have their mothers. Your donations are literally the difference between life and death. They allow us to provide the treatment needed to women in need.”

“Our clinic is filled with the uninsured in need of free quality healthcare. We are able to assist them because of the your generous spirit.”

“We have a talented researcher who is working on a breast cancer vaccine that your donations help fund. Imagine a world where young women can get a shot and dramatically reduce their risk of ever developing breast cancer!”

So if you’ve caught yourself thinking “I wish I could do something more” — here’s your chance.

Donating to Pledge the Pink is donating directly to life-saving preventative care.

*Recommendations on mammogram frequency and age vary. The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends women start screening after 50, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends after 40. ACOG recommends a mammogram every year, USPSTF recommends every other. The American Cancer Society reports only 36% uninsured of women in South Carolina over 40 received a biannual mammogram. The National Breast Cancer Race reports that a near 100% 5-year survival rate amongst women who detect breast cancer in stage 0 or 1.