Even though our island-hopping event is sold out, you can still join our flock and help us save lives. No matter where you live!


Become a FlockStar (and earn bling!) by logging your daily steps, walks, training miles, and upcoming races on our FlockStar Tracker and help us accumulate 477,710 miles before October 25, 2018.


Because our naughty mascot Fancy the Flamingo has flown the coop again, this time headed to the Moon (and back) to prove how much she loves us.

It’s going to take our entire flock to catch up with her and make sure she’s home for Pledge the Pink 2018.

The Official FlockStar Collection

Brag with your swag! Check out this epic 4” glow-in-the-dark, space-race, moon rock medal that’ll make all your other bling jealous (you’ll never want to take it off).

You’ll also get a commemorative keepsake bib and this head-turning magnet that will have your whole town buzzing. It’ll put all those 13.1, 26.2 and even 70.3 magnets to shame.

Our fancy race medals and bad-ass magnets will be shipped to you the moment we reach our goal, and Fancy is back on Earth.

Only 800 medals are available. (hint: sign up soon)



medals remaining

Our Flockstar Tracker

Use our fabulous new FlockStar Tracker to log all your steps, laps, pedals, miles, and marathons.

Keep your own personal (and private) record showing how much you shake your tail feathers this year.

We’ll track your miles, along with the rest of our flockers, and add them to the master FlockStar meter.

Collectively, we will run, walk, swim, bike, ski, and crawl 477,710 miles before October 25, 2018.

Because we need our girl at Pledge the Pink!

Make Your Miles Matter

Sign up with your friends, kids, neighbors, and Fido. Show the world how easy it is to stay active, chase your dreams, and save lives.

Coz you know that every dime of the proceeds goes to breast cancer screening and research, right?

Make Your Miles Matter

Sign up with your friends, kids, neighbors, and Fido. Show the world how easy it is to stay active, chase your dreams, and save lives.

Coz you know that every dime of the proceeds goes to breast cancer screening and research, right?

Registration Only $30

Add TWO friends to your registration and challenge them to the moonwalking contest of a lifetime (and save $15). Great motivation to do with two BFFs or sign up your kids and spouse and make this a fun family activity!

1. Register

Just a few clicks and you’ll be an official part of our mission. Then, you can download your customizable race bib and get access to our private FlockStar Tracker. And if you’re not already a member of our private Facebook group (where you’ll find new besties, loads of support, and lots of bad jokes), we’ll give you the link and welcome you with open wings.

2. Move

Put one step (or pedal or stroke) in front of the other and shake those tail feathers. Do a mile a day or set a goal of 10 or 30 miles a week. Your body, your rules. Oh, and our free 10-minute NO IMPACT workout videos will complement your training perfectly, and strengthen your upper body, core, and bootie!

3. Log

Enter your daily miles on our FlockStar Tracker. You’ll log into your very own private page and upload your mileage, and track how many miles you’ve done since you signed up! It’s a great motivator to push yourself and reach that 50 or 100 mile/month goal. And feel free to include any miles you’ve done since January (when Fancy took off)- all 2018 sweat counts!

4. Brag

Bask in your glory, you totally deserve it. Tell us all about it in our chat club.  And once you’ve gotten your medal and magnet, we want to see pictures ASAP! We’ll ship everything moment we get Fancy back on Earth.

Get Fit. Have Fun. Save Lives.

Are there any rules?

Nope, not really. Our mission to the Moon is a fun, no-pressure, challenge to stay connected with our Flock and encourage each other to shake some tail feathers a few times a week.

It’s done on your schedule, at your pace. You can walk, run or crawl the miles. Push a stroller or walk the dog. Swim laps, spin, bike, roller blade, hike, ski- whatever.

Then log your miles on our super-friendly, super-easy, super-cool FlockStar Tracker so we can add your mileage contribution to the entire flock’s.

You’ll be mighty proud watching your miles add up and being able to look back on all your previous activity- it’s like an exercise diary (without the drama)!

Join us on this journey to get in shape. Do it with your besties for some quality gab time. Do it for the new friends you’ll make in our Facebook group.

Do it with your family to show them how fun fitness can be. Do it for the medal.

Do it to show Fancy that we love her (and our crazy little flock) to the Moon & Back!

About Us

We Love Fancy to the Moon & Back is produced by Pledge the Pink. We host fun virtual (and live) races that get people off the couch, and out crushing their fitness goals.

Oh, and we save lives.

Since 2011, Pledge the Pink has provided cancer screening and treatment for thousands of women. And we’ve helped fund life-saving research that will, one day, put an end to breast cancer.

For the past seven years we’ve hosted live events throughout the south. This year, we’re bringing our mission to the world!

We hope you’ll love us to the Moon & Back!

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