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In a nutshell

Fundraising is not required but we find that the majority of our registrants either make personal donations or will do some fundraising on our behalf.

Make a quick and easy donation in two minutes. You DO NOT have to create a page. Just make a donation, it will go into our 2018 mammogram fund and you’ll be given a tax receipt.
If you’d like to create a fundraising page and ask your friends to make donations, you can set up your page in just five minutes.
Remember that you can always send people directly to our website and they can donate from there (our website is a lot easier to remember!)

Tips & Tutorials

Add a fundraising app on your phone so you can access your page ASAP!
Get our example fundraising emails, Facebook posts, and Twitter messages!
Use this printable fundraising form for people that want to write a check!

How-to Videos

How to set up your own fundraising page (and/or team page)
How to process a check or cash someone gives you (offline donation)
How to post an item for sale in our online auction

Facebook Online Auction

We’ve created a special “buy/sell” Facebook group so that you can raise money by selling flamingo goodies, gift cards, vacation vouchers, and other fun stuff!

Get your favorite stores to donate gift cards for the cause and post them on our auction page. Approved buyers will purchase the items by making a donation to your fundraising page and you’ll get the credit!

This is also a great place to sell tickets, service vouchers, and other easily transferable items.

If you want to make shirts, jewelry, or have other products that would be of interest to your fellow flockers, use our auction to share with the world! We’ve put together a wishlist below that you can share with your friends and family to gather donations for the auction!

You can set a minimum bid, list a “buy now” price, and provide detailed descriptions with your posted pictures.

If you don’t have a fundraising page but still want to donate items to help us raise money, winning buyers can make a fast donation on our website and simply add your name and auction item info in the special messaging section. This way we can thank you and give you all the kudos you deserve!

Watch this video to learn how to set up items to post in our auction.

Fundraising Goals & Prizes

Our 2018 mammogram goal is to raise $200,000 to pay for 4,000 mammos for women in need. Every dime of your donations/fundraising goes to this fund and is tax deductible.

And we are super excited to shower you with love, appreciation, and prizes for all efforts!

Bonus Prizes & Incentives

From time to time, we will add bonus fundraising prizes!

During the month of May, every registrant that donates/fundraises at least $100 between May 1-31 will win our new Pledge the Pink car magnet!

*Please note that this particular prize is given for donations made in the month of May only. Prior fundraising totals don’t count towards this particular bonus incentive, nor will donations made after May 31.

Future bonuses and contests will be announced via email and posted in our Facebook group page. We will also try to keep this page up to date.

Flocks of Love Flamingos

In addition to the prizes above, you will also earn a bird in our Flocks of Love (FOL) display for every $50 you raise.

Your race packet will include a sheet that shows how much money you raised, what prizes you earned, and how many flamingos are waiting for you in the flock.

Lots of people bring costumes and props for their flamingos, and really go crazy decorating their birds!

We will also have little note cards for you to write personal messages and tie them to your birds. This is a great way for you to thank your donors and honor people that have inspired you on this journey.

Take tons of pictures and tag your friends and supporters. Let them see “their” flamingo… and the 3999 that stand beside her.

You can decorate your birds either before or after the race on Saturday.

If you’d like to take your birds home with you, we ask that you leave them in the display until at least 11:30am so that everyone can enjoy their beauty and appreciate the magnitude of what these 4000 flamingos represent.

Rules, Fine Print

  • Tax receipts are automatically emailed to all donors at the time of their donation
  • The legal name of our 501c3 is Carolina Cups and its tax ID is 27-1399712
  • Any donation checks should be made to Carolina Cups and sent to PO Box 614 Bluffton SC 29910 (click here to see how you can add these offline donations to your page and how we will confirm them)
  • Online fundraising closes on October 23rd. Only funds raised prior to September 30th will count towards fundraising prizes. 

Questions from our FAQ

Is fundraising required?
Nope, not at all!  But a lot of our registrants like to do it.

Some raise tens of thousands, and some raise a few hundred.

And some just want an easy way to make a small donation on their own.

Are donations tax-deductible?
Yup! Donors will get a tax receipt via email if they made a donation online.

For those donors sending a check, we will mail a tax receipt to the address listed on their check (or we can email it to them if they write their email address on the check).

How do I collect the money and get it to you?
We accept online donations via a fundraising platform called Qgiv.

Here is our “parent” fundraising page:

From that home page, you can create your own fundraising page and ask your supporters to make secure online donations directly to your own page.  

I have donors that want to write checks. To whom should they be made out?
Carolina Cups.  This is our 501c3 entity (so donations are tax exempt)
Should I mail the checks or bring them with me to the event?
Great question! If you receive any checks prior to October 1, please mail them to us at:

Carolina Cups

c/o Pledge the Pink

PO Box 614

Bluffton SC 29910  

Please bring any cash or checks you receive after that to us during event weekend (and thank you!).

Remember: all checks MUST be made out to Carolina Cups


Where do these donations go and how are the funds used?

Every single penny of your fundraising efforts goes directly into our Mammogram Fund, which covers the cost of screening for someone in need.

Did you know that $50 funds a mammogram? Which means that every fifty dollars you raise could save a life.

Our 2018 fundraising goal is to raise $200,000, which will provide 4,000 mammograms to women (and men) during the scariest 15 minutes of their lives.

And what about the whole flamingo thing? What's Flocks of Love?

For every $50 you raise, we will add a (plastic) pink flamingo to our beautiful Flocks of Love display.

Your bird(s) will proudly wear your name and personalized message, and heroically stand in our sea of pink flamingos in October.

Each bird represents one free mammogram. One life possibly saved.

It is a jaw dropping, and an intensely poignant display of honor and gratitude, knowing that each bird was adopted in dedication of a loved one.

Our Flocks of Love has held the Guinness World Record for several years. And with your help, we will shatter our previous records and our flock will stand 4000 strong this year.

A lot of people bring little birdie costumes to decorate and dress up their flamingos (it is hysterical)!

If you wish, you can take your flamingos home with you to give them to your donors as a thank you gift, or put them in your yard so you can see what a difference you’ve made.

Cool! I want lots of birds and I want to help a lot of women, so how do to set up a fundraising page?
You’re awesome!

Start by going to You’ll see a Donate Now button and a Create a Page or Join a Team Page button. Click that one.

Then follow the prompts to create a new account and you’ll be open for business in two minutes!

You’ll also have the choice of joining a team’s fundraising page or creating a page for your team (if you want to fundraise as a group).

And just in case you’re like me (not tech savvy in the slightest), here are short tutorial videos to walk you thru it:

Do donations I receive on my individual page get tallied onto my team page?
Yup! Let’s say your personal page has a fundraising goal of $500 (thanks, by the way) and your Aunt Sue makes a $50 donation on your page.

You’ll see the thermometer rise on your page and on your team’s page and you’ll both be $50 closer to your goal.

How do I share with others?
Once your page is set up (it literally takes less than five minutes), you can paste your page’s URL link in a social media post and ask your friends to support you. Or you can send them a personal email and include your page link in the request.

Tell them why Pledge the Pink and the fight against breast cancer is important to you. People want to know your story!

Why did I receive a donation for a random amount (like $52.49 or $104.99)?
Your donors are asked if they want to cover the fees and processing charges for their donation. If they select “yes” to the Gift Assist button, an additional 4.9% will be added to their donation.

Otherwise, we fees are collected from the donation fund. Most donors select to cover the fee, but it is completely optional.

How can I see who made donations and how much money I’ve raised?
Log into your fundraising page with this link: and see how awesome you (and your friends) are!
How do I add cash and check donations to my fundraising page (so my thermometer climbs)?
Log into your fundraising page with this link:

Click on My Donations in the navigation bar (on the left). You’ll see a big button that reads “Add Cash or Check”. Click on that and enter the donor’s info and donation amount.

These will be added to your page as offline donations. Once we receive the checks, we will update your account so that those donations are confirmed.

Do you have any how-to videos?
Yup!  We’ve got three quick ones to help you get started! Click here and we’ll show you:

  •        How to set up your fundraising page
  •        How to create or join a team
  •        How to get donations



How else can I help?
We’re always looking for sponsors to help us offset Pledge the Pink event costs! Our sponsorships start as low as $500 and provide great exposure for businesses. Click here for more info:

We also need donations of various items throughout race day (water, snacks, tents, signs, etc.).  If you know a person or business who might be willing to be a sponsor or donate items, please let us know at

Does Pledge the Pink fund things other than mammograms?
We sure do. Pledge the Pink supports the fight by funding biopsies, treatment, and research.  

Every penny of our race proceeds goes straight to 501 (c)(3) nonprofits, such as the American Cancer Society, Mayo Clinic, Hollings Cancer Center, Volunteers in Medicine, Carolina Cups, Comprehensive Health Services, and countless other cancer-fighting beneficiaries.  These dollars provide funding for heroic, budget-restricted, non-profit, service providers.

We also provide special grants to help with things like patient transportation to treatment, childcare/elder care during their appointments, home care, insurance co-pays, lymphedema support, and medications.

Quite simply, we fill the gap and help people that need it most. Without the red-tape and bureaucracy.