National Pink Flamingo Day is June 23

But we need way more than just 24 hours to celebrate our girl, so let’s get this party started!

In honor of Fancy’s big day, we want to reach 3 milestones:

Reach 100k fundraising

Sell Out 2019 event

Get yall acting like fools

In honor of Fancy’s big day, we want to reach 3 milestones.

Reach 100k fundraising

Sell Out 2019 event

Get yall acting like fools


Here’s how you can help us achieve these lofty goals


Facebook Fundraising Challenge June 1-23

We’re less than 19k from the $100,000 fundraising mark and we want to hit it before National Pink Flamingo Day!

Whether you have an official Pledge the Pink fundraising page or not, you can easily raise money on Facebook by using their oh-so-simple fundraising tool Foundation.

If you’re not familiar with how to start a Facebook fundraiser, just follow the steps below and we’ll have you raking in the cash in three minutes. (Click here for a :40 video tutorial!)

WIN! Everyone that raises at least $500 during this challenge period will win a pair of leggings and a Fancy shirt of their choice! You’re gonna be looking good, you life saver, you!

This offer is extended to all registrants, sponsors, and volunteers.

Here are step by step instructions on how to rake in the dough in less than 5 minutes.



June 1 –  June 23

WIN! Help us SELL OUT the remaining 44 spots for this year’s big event! Recruit your procrastinating pals and get them registered before 11:59PM on June 23 and we’ll give you BOTH a Flamingo FunPack that includes boppers, car flag, body flag, and a Fancy beach towel!

Make sure your recruits enter your name in the referral field and use FUNPACK as prize code at checkout!


Get ready for #FancyFridays as we decorate, dress up, and flamingo bomb the world!

Post your photos on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #fancyfriday and tag us @pledgethepink so we can track them and select winners!

Click here to watch a quick video that shows how to do this fancy high tech stuff.

June 7

Dress up your dog, cat, pet rock, or kid as a flamingo. Go for humiliation level and make us proud. Go public with your embarrassed masterpiece and score bonus points with the judges.

A winner will be announced Sunday night (June 9) on our Facebook Chat Club page.

June 14

Decorate your lawn, car, or bike with flamingos, signs, and everything pink. You’ll earn one bonus point for every flamingo in the photo and two bonus points for every Pledge the Pink logo that’s visible. Ten bonus points if you flock town hall or similar public building!

Winner will be announced on June 16.

June 21

Flock your office or whatever place you call home from 8-5. Spend your day in the kitchen or laundry room? Flock it out! Call the corner table at Starbux your desk? See if they’ll let you flock the place on this, the first day of summer! Decorate your office, the break room, the lobby… wherever you can make the biggest impact and spread the pink.

We’ll have two winners on June 23: one for the most creative “office space” and one for the best decorations!

June 23

Not a Friday, but a very important Sunday: National Pink Flamingo Day! Dress your own self as a flamingo this time! Do it to pay tribute to our leader: Miss Fancy Pants. Let the world know that you are proud to Pledge the Pink and honor oppressed flamingos around the world.

Go into town and photobomb the tourists. Or head to your favorite pub for selfies with new friends. Walk around the block in your special costume and get your kids to help you chant Pledge the Pink as you get priceless pix with your neighbors. Have a party and bake Fancy a cake.

Whatever you do, do it BIG, BAD, and EMBARRASSING! And have a blast. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 25.