Everyone on this list is a superhero. Whether you’ve donated, or solicited donations, you’ve pushed us one step closer to funding 1,000 mammograms.

Or should we say: one step closer to ending breast cancer.

Find your name, and your love notes, in the list below!

Not on here yet? There’s still time to donate some dollars, and save a life in the process.

Love Notes

Dedicated to: Margaret Grojean

Special message:

Go Margaret and Team Boo Bees!

Dedicated to: Susan Mertes

Special message:

On September 23rd, it will be ten years since we lost you to this horrible cancer. I miss you my friend. <3

Dedicated to: Jamie Haight

Special message:

Love you girl!

Dedicated to: Julie Clary

Special message:

Celebrating great news from Dr. H. today!!! Donating a little in your name for those who need help. Love you ~ Cathy

Dedicated to: Susann Sprole

Special message:

Susi, your strength and courage amaze me, but then so do you!! I love you girl and I am Pledging the Pink in your honor! You got this girl!! Hugs, JoAnne

Special message:

This is a test

Dedicated to: Lisa Moore

Special message:

Really appreciate what you and Annie are doing...Proud to call you friends and colleagues! You two are a hoot, and both ROCK!

Dedicated to: Girls in da Hood Team

Special message:

To the "Girls in da Hood" team! xo

Dedicated to: Linda Dyer

Special message:

Aunt Linda,

Thank you for supporting the cause and walking in honor of everyone that we've lost in our family. Mom was always so proud of you for doing this; unknowingly that one day you'd be walking for her too. This year, she is proudly watching you from the heavens.

I love you, I love you.

Your Niece,


Dedicated to: Linda Dyer

Special message:

Always glad to be part of your special interest!

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