While our underlying mission is to raise money in the fight against breast cancer, most of our flock will tell you that we’re all about you and celebrating your successes… and ensuring that you have
Together, we walk, run, waddle, and crawl 10 miles a day over three days. Each day we feature a different island and our courses are stocked with snacks, toilets, liquids, and a whole lotta loving to get you to the finish lines and infamous after-parties!

Our 2020 event is October 15-18 and will be based at Fripp Island Resort which is located midway between Charleston and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.


Join our private group page and get to know a few thousand of your newest besties. They are more than happy to answer your questions and make suggestions. It is a great resource and our admins are very active in the group, providing updates, jokes, and encouragement on a daily basis.


• 3 beautiful 10-mile courses stocked with goodies & adoring fans
• 3 lunches/brunches at our finish line parties
• Thousands of professional photographs & videos (you’ll get free access to them all)!
• 4 medals and a swag bag stuffed to the brim
• 4 rockin parties with live entertainment & beachside boogying
• 4 days of jammed packed activities before and after the races (or you can do nothin at all)
• The biggest flamingo birthday party in history

Click here for more info: https://pledgethepink.com/blog/what-does-my-registration-fee-cover/


While we’re known as the best darn three day event on the planet, Pledge the Pink actually spans four days. To get the most out of your weekend, you’ll want to be here (Fripp Island, South Carolina) on Thursday afternoon and stay at least until Sunday afternoon.

Thursday is our big Packet Pickup & Welcome Party that goes from 3-8pm at the Beach Club on Fripp Island. Our Sunday course is also on Fripp and most people will cross the finish line by 11ish and the celebrating will go well into the night. Many people actually extend their stay until Monday!


Fripp Island is about a two hour drive from Charleston, SC and approximately 90 minutes from either Savannah, GA or Hilton Head Island, SC. These would be the best airports to use if flying.

Our flock will be flooding all three airports so don’t worry about renting a car – most of our travelers coordinate carpools and ride shares (using our Facebook group travel page). And once you arrive at Fripp, you will find most people get around on foot, bike or golf cart! 

Lots of people also carpool from as far away as Chicago, driving together with new friends they meet on our Facebook travel page. With registrants usually coming from 45+ states, you’ll likely find a new bestie or two you can travel with.


The vast majority of our registrants stay at the Fripp Island Resort. The Resort is our headquarters for 2020 and all the activities, including access to the various start lines, happen at the Resort.

Fripp doesn’t have hotels, but they do have zillions of houses and condos that are actually much more affordable. Their website has up-to-date listings
on all available properties and a 10% discount is available if you book directly thru the Resort. You’ll also get access to all the Fripp amenities if you book directly thru them (versus VRBO, Airbnb, etc). https://frippislandresort.com

Fripp offers several “Newbie Houses” for those traveling solo or in small groups that don’t want to rent a house or condo on their own. You can call the Resort directly to inquire: 843-838-1558

Want to be closer to Beaufort? Stay at one of the Bluff Villas on Dataw – only 15 minutes to Fripp and 15 minutes to Beaufort’s historic waterfront. Call the clubhouse or look them up on VRBO or on AirBnB.

Again, don’t forget to check in the group Facebook page and see if people have an extra bedroom or two available in their rental. You can split the cost with them and have new BFFs before we even start!

If you end up booking something and have an empty bed or two, post it on the chat club page and adopt a solo flocker!


We will ask that participants carpool from Fripp Island to Habersham on Saturday. There is plenty of parking on Habersham. Make sure to join our Facebook group for more announcements regarding carpooling!


With about 80% of our registrants coming from out of town (50 states and 22 countries in 2019!), we know a thing or two about the costs associated with housing, transportation, meals, drinks, etc. Based on the surveys and feedback we’ve gotten over the last nine years, the average registrant spends $400-$500 on weekend expenses (not including transportation).

Go here for more detailed information and tips on how you can Pledge the Pink on a shoestring budget! https://pledgethepink.com/blog/budget-for-your-weekend/


In addition to the three restaurants in the Resort, Fripp also has optional buffet dinners for us on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 5-8pm. Stay tuned for menu details – they’ll be shared online closer to the time of the event. You’ll want to be sure to RSVP as these dinners are limited to 150 people.

The chef also prepares fabulous dinners to-go that will feed your entire army. You’ll need to order these thru Fripp at least 48 hours in advance and then all you have to do is pick them up at the Food Court! These go-to menus will be available in the spring of 2020.

There are several restaurants within a 15 minute drive from the Resort and a lot of people choose to stop in Beaufort on the way in and do grocery shopping so they can just eat in their condo/house.

Here’s some detailed information on your dining and grocery options.


Busy. And super fun!

You can partake in any or all of the activities. A lot of people choose to spend the afternoons on the beach and get into their own fun, but we always have tons of FlockStars at our silly games and outings.

Please note: Sunday’s start time is 7:30am which means that most of you will finish by 11am. With Fripp’s noon checkout (assuming you booked thru the Resort) you’ll have plenty of time to take a shower and pack before checkout. You can then join us at the party and/or start your journey home (tho we really wish everyone would stay over Sunday night so you don’t miss the final farewell party)!


If you sign up solo, know that you’ll never really be alone! We love introducing you to your new BFFs and connecting people with our ridiculous shenanigans (it’s our specialty, actually).

If you’re single but want to mingle, put yourself up for adoption on our Facebook page and watch the teams fight for you! We also love teams, so gather your posse and come up with a ridiculously silly team name. We’ve seen that the more clever the name, the easier it is to recruit more peeps.

What’s the real difference between going solo or being on a team? Click here


Our courses are 99% flat but they are anything but boring! We suggest that you train on a variety of surfaces to help you prepare for the diversity of our routes:

Our courses are packed with essentials like water and Gatorade, and we’ve also got a lot of snacks out there for ya: trail mix, popcorn, orange slices, grapes, apples, bananas, ice pops, and energy balls. Our stations are set up approximately every 2ish miles.

We ask everyone to train to complete all 10 miles each day in less than 4 hours.

If you don’t think you can complete the 10 miles within that time frame, we respectfully ask you to do the 5-mile short cut. You’ll be able to cross the finish line, claim your medal and celebrate with your friends.


Don’t let the miles scare you! One of Pledge the Pink’s goals is to help people cross their first (and second and third) finish line! As the thousands of peeps who have crossed our finish lines before you will attest – you can so do this!

And we’ll be with you every step of the way, no matter what your fitness level. Pledge the Pink is a refreshing challenge for race junkies looking to shake things up a bit, and it is the dream weekend for newbies looking to cross their first finish line.

We have three different training schedules depending on your fitness level and your goals. The 12-week schedule starts in August, the 8-week starts in early September, and the 6-week schedule starts at the middle of September.

The 2020 schedules will be released soon and you’ll also find more information and tips in this blog post.

If this is your first multi-day event, we strongly encourage you to do the 12-WEEK SCHEDULE so you can condition your feet for the back-to-back-to-back experience of a lifetime!


We will gather to celebrate after each day’s race. These after-parties are very casual (smelly race attire). The awesome food is included for all our registrants. Family, friends, fans, and supporters are all welcome to join the festivities for $15 a head.

Cash bars will be pouring at all the parties as well. Operative word there is “cash”. Cash makes the drinks pour faster.


Your official race credentials will be waiting for you at our Packet Pickup Party on Thursday (from 3-8pm at the Fripp Beach Club). If you’re not able to collect your packet on Thursday, a friend can pick it up on your behalf OR you can get it an hour before race time on Friday.

If you are part of a team with 4 or more registrants, your team packets will be boxed together. So if you have registered as part of a team, please designate one or two of your team members to pick up the box(es) for your group.

Your Pledge the Pink swag bag (packet) will include:
• Bibs
• Pledge the Pink 2020 commemorative event shirt
• A bunch of gifts and swag from us!


Get a custom medal every day when you cross the finish line. And score our most auspicious and highly sought-after Triple Nipple medal on Sunday. Yup, it’s a four-bling weekend for yall!


We have a wee obsession with flamingos. Not only because they are fun, but because in our world, they represent a life-saving donation.
Click here to read about the history behind our flamingo obsession.
Click here to read about the history behind our flamingo obsession.


Our Flocktographers are like the paparazzi this weekend, making sure they get every action caught on camera. We literally end up with 10,000+ professionally shot photos from the weekend and they are all available to you for free! They are generally ready for viewing and downloading within two weeks of the event so you can relive the Best Darn Weekend of Your Life again and again.


Have friends traveling with you that aren’t registered? Put ‘em to work!

It literally takes over 500 people to bring this huge event to life and we are grateful for all the help yall bring with you! Husbands, friends, kids, random stranger you met on the plane… we’ll take them all!

We’ll even take a few hours of YOUR time if you’re willing to help us with pre and post volunteer activities! Email our volunteer coordinator at PTPvols@gmail.com and we’ll hire you on the spot!


Historically, we’ve dispersed most of our fundraising dollars to regional hospitals and clinics in the southeast, primarily because the majority of our registrants came from this area.

Places like:
• Mayo Clinic
• Northside Hospital
• Hollings Cancer Center
• American Cancer Society
• Volunteers in Medicine
• All In Foundation
• Beaufort Memorial Hospital
• Beaufort Jasper Hampton Comprehensive Services

But now we’re kind of a big deal and people flock to us from all over the world so we’re branching out. And YOU get to decide where your fundraising dollars go this year!

If you and/or your team raise 5k, you get to Choose Your Charity. You can choose up to two breast cancer nonprofits and we will send them 75% of your funds.

The other 25% will remain in the “big pot” to be dispersed to agencies and organizations that our charity board selects, largely based on your recommendations.

What if you don’t raise 5k? Well all that money will go into the pot too, and we will disperse it to qualifying breast cancer screening, treatment, and research programs across the country. Again, your recommendations will influence these choices greatly.

Go here for all the details on Choose Your Charity


We love toying with yall and getting you excited for the big event. So pretty much every month we have contests running to inspire you about fundraising, registrant recruitment, team-building, flamingo decorating, and acting like a fool. Oh, and we give good prizes for these grand gestures, too!

Click here to learn more.


Make sure you take advantage of your newbie discount code that you’ll get with your registration confirmation letter and go shopping at our online store! We’ve got a bunch of super cute Fancy apparel, accessories, and must-have items for your big weekend. We also have an entire collection of fitness/yoga apparel: leggings, bras, and tops. Shop til you drop!


Our policy is super simple and super friendly. Send an email to info@pledgethepink.com if you need to cancel and we will process your refund as follows:

• Cancel before March 1 and get a refund minus $50 cancellation fee
• Cancel before July 1 and get a refund minus $100 cancellation fee
• Cancel before Sept 1 and get a refund minus $150 cancellation fee


Still have questions? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions on our website for more details.


In our continuous effort to minimize costs and produce this event as efficiently as possible, please note that we do not have a public phone number.

We ask that you email us at info@pledgethepink.com if you have any questions or post on our Facebook group so that other FlockStars can answer you (probably more quickly than we can).