Registrant Resources

Accessing & Editing Your Registration

Please watch Mel’s video showing you how you can view and edit your own registration. You can add/remove yourself from a team, change your name, add Picture Pack, and simply just remind yourself what you signed up for.

Access your registration account here:

If you have never “claimed your account” before (including your 2017 registration) then you hit “claim”. If you’ve already claimed it, then simply login using the credentials you previously set up (which we do not have).

2018 Team Rosters

Accessing Get LITT

Access our fabulous Get LIIT cross-training videos here:

Use the username and password sent to you via email. If you have forgotten your password, click “forgot password” and use the email address you registered with.

Sneak Peak at Pledge the Pink 2018

We are finalizing our venues and analyzing the millions of logistics to make sure Pledge the Pink 2018 is the greatest of all time.

Our goal is to have all the big pieces nailed down so that we can launch our pretty new website in January.

Here’s what we can confirm at this point:

  • The dates are October 25-28
  • Friday will likely have a 9am start (location to be announced in Jan)
  • Saturday will have an 8am start (location announced in Jan)
  • Sunday will be on Hilton Head and probably have a 7am start (and will be part beach and part pathway)
  • Thursday night Packet Pickup Party will be on Hilton Head from 4-8pm at Shelter Cove Park
  • Our Survivor Celebration will happen during Friday’s after-party (instead of Sunday)
  • Flocks of Love will still be on Saturday
  • And on Sunday, we’re adding a post-event beach party! So once you cross the finish line and enjoy a yummy brunch and beverage at our after-party…carry your coolers, beach towels, and sunscreen down to the beach for the after-after party!


Where to Stay for 2018

Yall will notice that hotels, condos, and home rental prices are cheaper at the end of October than they are during our previous September dates. Yay!

Location-wise, most people stay on Hilton Head because it is so convenient (and beautiful).

We will likely be based out of the Shelter Cove and Singleton Beach areas in 2018.

I know that many of you have stayed in Coligny area over the years so if you want to book something down there, that’s totally cool.

Really anywhere on the Island or even on the mainland in Bluffton is equally convenient (you’ll find cheaper rates in Bluffton).

While hotels are plentiful here, most of our PTP alum will tell you that renting condos and houses is actually cheaper when you divide out the price amongst a bigger group.

Not to mention that you’ll have a kitchen and possibly other amenities like a private pool and hot tub (great for post-race recovery), private bedrooms/baths, dedicated parking, and lots of elbow room.

Many of our vacation rentals here have 6+ bedrooms (and baths) so you can imagine dividing the nightly bill between 6-12 people… it makes it very affordable.

I’m negotiating with several accommodations sponsors, but at the moment, we have two:

Vacation Homes of Hilton Head

They’ll give you 10% off any 3 night bookings and 15% off if you book 4-7 nights (just another reason to stay over Sunday night and enjoy our beach party)!

They’ll also give yall a 1pm checkout which is fab. You need to call them directly to get the discounted reservations 843-715-2208.

Talk to your fellow flockers in our Facebook group and find new friends to go in on a house together. It’ll make your weekend cheaper and tons more fun!

Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Hotel

The Omni is once again hosting our finish line and after-party on Sunday at their oceanfront pavilion. So staying at their hotel would be super convenient.

They have blocks of rooms for us ranging in price from $179-$219/night for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and a sweet $99 rate for Sunday night.

Call the resort directly and ask for the Pledge the Pink rates 843-842-8000.


We offer three different training calendars, depending on your fitness levels and goals.

  • The 12-week schedule starts August 2
  • The 8-weeker starts Labor Day weekend
  • Our 6-week plan starts mid-Sept

We will release the schedules in early spring, but in a nutshell: you’ll train 5 days a week. The workday mileage is easy (3-5 miles) and the weekends will gradually ramp up to 8-9 miles back to back.

Race virgins and Pledge newbies – do not worry be intimidated by any of this! Embrace the challenge and enjoy the training (I would strongly encourage yall to follow the 12-week schedule so you can gain confidence and learn what clothes/foods work best for you).

Race junkies, I don’t care how many marathons/halves you’ve done, you need to train for our event differently. Doing 10 miles back, to back, to back, requires a whole different level of foot conditioning. This is a great way to spice up your same old, same old training routines!

And yes, we do offer short cuts on each of our courses. So if you are injured, sick, or just want to hurry to the after-parties, we’ve got you covered.

Oh, and don’t forget to incorporate my Get LIIT cross training videos into your schedule. Each workout is only 10 minutes and there is NO IMPACT (so no excuses)!

Fundraising & Flamingos

The good news is fundraising isn’t required! Yay!

The even better news is that a lot of flockers do fundraise. Which helps us save more lives! HOORAY!

Seriously, there is absolutely no pressure to pester your friends and family for money.

But if you like pestering people (and who doesn’t, really?) then you’ll love our Guinness World Record setting fundraising campaign called Flocks of Love.

Let’s just say it involves a few thousand plastic pink flamingos. Decked out in their Sunday best!

You’ll be able to create your own fundraising pages this year, so you can easily see who makes donations, how much they’ve donated, and what nice things they have to say about you.

If any of our teams want to create their own team page and fundraise as a group, that’s super easy to do too!

Our new fundraising platform will be open in January (or sooner if possible) but for those of you that want to help us reach our 2017 goal, we’ll happily be accepting donations thru December 31. Click here.

Store & Merchandise

Visit our store to see our Christmas collection, buy your BFF a gift certificate for our 2018 event or check out our LoCo vintage goods.

Our Virtual Races

We like to keep everyone moving throughout the year so we are offering two virtual challenges between now and our big weekend together.

Get on Fancy’s Favorites list (reserved for very important flockers only) and you’ll be the first to know the deets (and when our spiffy FlockStar Tracker is live)!


Per our Terms & Agreements when you registered, please remember that we cannot offer any refunds, transfers, or deferrals. This has always been our policy and when we tried to make exceptions for a few people in 2017, word got out and we had hundreds of requests/demands.

It was uncomfortable for us all, so thank you understanding why we are returning to our “no exceptions” policy.

Questions, Answers & Resources

Our Facebook group is open for you to ask any sort of crazy questions you might have, post pictures of random flamingo sightings, brag about your training, meet the most outstanding people in the world, make people laugh, and to encourage others.

If you have not yet joined, here is the link:

Also read our Pledge the Pink FAQ page which we try to keep updated as new information and logistics become solidified.

Between our awesome flockers in the chat club and temporary website, you should find answers to most of your questions.

But if you still have inquiries, we are available between 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday at:

Local Media List

Many of you have asked if you can contact our local media to express your opinion about Pledge the Pink and the perceived lack of interest and support it gets from the Hilton Head community. While we are certainly grateful to have so many loyal fans in our flock, we ask that you be respectful in any correspondence you might have with the media.