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Registrant Resources

Tips, tricks, tutorials, and links to make your life easier.

Accessing & Editing Your Registration
Fancy To the Moon & Back Virtual Race Links
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2018 Registrants

Team Rosters

Check out our 2018 teams below. You can select your team to see who’s joined or sort by team name, captain or members by clicking on the column name.

Setting up a Fundraising Page

Ready to begin fundraising, but don’t know where to start? Check out this video to learn how to set up your fundraising page and then use our copy/paste emails and social media posts below to ask your peeps for donations!

Processing an Offline Donation

Have you received donations via cash or check, and are unsure what to do with them? The video below walks you through processing an offline donation. Also, check out our FAQ page for more info on Fundraising.

Email Example

Click the "copy to clipboard" button below to copy our example email and paste it in to a new email. Don't forget to change the placeholder text for your friends name, your page links and your name (all are capitalized within the email)!

Facebook Example

Twitter Example

Our Mission

We Pledge to create a premiere event, bringing people from across the country to our four-day walk/run celebration. We Pledge to support each other and embrace all fitness levels, providing a safe environment for everyone to give their best. We Pledge to provide non-bureaucratic funding for breast cancer screening, treatment, and research. We Pledge to crush goals, laugh uncontrollably, and celebrate survivorship. We Pledge to give you the Best Weekend of Your Life.