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October 14 – 17, 2021

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October 20 – 23, 2022

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Memories of 2019

It all started at our Thursday evening Packet Pickup Party on Fripp

Our kickoff and packet pickup party was smooth sailing thanks to the tireless work of all our crew and volunteers. Yall were in “high spirits” and we had a blast meeting all our Newbies, boogying at the pool, partying at the Sandbar, and jammin with the band. Even the deer got in on the party, as they walked through our Guinness World Record breaking Flocks of Love.

Day 1 on Hunting Island

10 miles never looked so good!

Run Forrest, Run!

The journey of 30 miles begins with a single step

OMG, the beaches

Palm trees in the sand

The historic lighthouse

How many of you climbed it?

Day 2 on Dataw Island

Voted your favorite island!


Nobody rolls out the pink carpet like Dataw

Football Team

Even these guys had the time of their lives!

So much love

The only thing more beautiful than the island is its people

Day 3 on Fripp Island

The exclamation point on our weekend together


There were surprises at every turn


Perfect day for jump shots

The real Forrest Gump bench

And a good excuse to take a break and eat chocolates

Fripp Island Resort

Our home away from home all weekend long

PJ Karaoke

This was a hoot and a half

Survivor Celebration

238 warriors walked with us this year

Fancy Camp Smores

I might have had more than one…

Chasing Forrest

Did anyone ever catch him?

Golf Cart Parade

Our inaugural parade had 100 entries (next year there will be an actual trophy)!


These girls can boogy!

Sunset kayaking

So many activities all weekend long

Hello, Deer!

Tip toe thru the ‘mingos…

Sunsets galore

Each one was prettier than the next