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Fripp Island

Friday, Oct 26

Ocean Point Golf Course, Fripp Island    

6:45-7:25 am – Buses load & go from Coastal Discovery Museum on HHI
9:15 am – Race starts on Fripp Island
12:30-2:30 pm – Buses leave Fripp for HHI


Friday’s Hashtags

Starting with your first post of the day, let the world know that you PLEDGE THE PINK! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and use these hashtags.

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Need to Know

Every registrant has a seat on our buses to/from Fripp. If you don’t plan on taking our buses, please tell us here:

If you plan on riding our buses and you won’t be able to get your packet beforehand, just make sure you have a photo ID when loading the bus so we can confirm that you’re a registrant. Then hop on and your packet will be waiting for you at the Fripp start line! Please note that we only have enough buses to accommodate registrants.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a bus captain? Sign up here!

Getting There is Half the Fun!

You have two options to get to Fripp:

Option 1: Take our buses from Hilton Head
We strongly encourage all FlockStars to take advantage of our round-trip charter buses to/from Fripp.  

It’ll be faster and a lot more fun. All you need is your race bib to board. If you haven’t gotten your packet yet, bring your photo ID so we can check you in and then hop aboard (we’ll give you your packet at Fripp).


  • 6:45 AM: The gate to the museum will open (70 Honey Horn Drive), and buses will begin loading right away. Buses will depart for Fripp as they fill up.
  • 7:30 AM: The last bus will pull out of the parking lot. Don’t get left behind!
  • Each bus will have at least one Captain who will keep you in stitches for the approximately 75 minute drive to Fripp. Expect scavenger hunts, games, songs, and other ridiculous shenanigans.
  • Don’t leave anything on the bus when you get off it at Fripp. You will not be on the same bus going back to Hilton Head. Use our bag drop at the start line and we will have your stuff waiting for you at the finish.
  • 12:30 – 2:30 PM: Buses will depart Fripp as they fill up.
Option 2 : Drive or carpool to the Fripp start
We realize that driving to Fripp is the only logical choice for some of you. We just ask that you carpool so that we can minimize the amount of traffic and congestion getting into the gate and parking at the start line.

  • When you reach the security gate at Fripp, tell them you are a Pledge the Pink FlockStar and they’ll give you a special pass that includes clear instructions on how to get to the start line and where to park.
  • Please move thru the gate as quickly as possible as there are 25 huge buses (and likely a bunch of other cars) also trying to enter and we don’t want a traffic jam to delay the start.
  • You’ll likely see tons of deer, gators, and other neat wildlife as you drive thru the resort. Please do not stop to take pictures; just continue driving to the start line. Trust us, you will see hundreds of animals on your journey today so don’t worry about missing an early morning photo opp!
  • In addition to the directions printed on your gate pass, Fripp will have very clear signage to direct you to the start line and parking area (which is the driving range at 250 Ocean Point Drive).

Morning Schedule

9 AM: Be at the start line (Ocean Point Golf Course driving range at 250 Ocean Point Drive)

9:15 AM: Official race start time 

For those riding the buses, we should have all of you there by 8:30 or 8:45 at the latest. If you are driving yourself, please plan on being there within this same window.

What to expect upon arrival at Fripp:

  • If you didn’t get your packet on Thursday night, we will have it for you at the start line.
  • Yes, there will be tons of toilets lined up for y’all so don’t worry about that!
  • Listen to music, play games, sign the Honor Board and take advantage of all the photos opps available before the race – including time to strut your stuff on the beach, if you arrive early enough!
  • Bag Drop – look for the marked boxes to drop your stuff then pick it up at the finish line/after party)
  • At 9am we’ll kick things off with an official welcome & important course announcements, then ask that all our survivors come to the front of the start line so they can lead us off at 9:15am!

Make your friends back home jealous and show them the power of pink by recording the start on Facebook Live!

And don’t forget to bring your Flat Friends!





The Course

Our Fripp route is probably the most diverse course we’ve ever had, and it is gorgeous at every turn!

We’ve got some neat-o boardwalks and a really super cool Audubon Trail that’ll take you thru some waterfront woods (I told you it was cool), and the very last mile of our journey is on the hard-packed beach. Woo hoo!

But the majority of our route is on paved golf cart paths and paved streets so don’t worry about challenging hills or rough terrain.

Pit Stops (with water, Gatorade, snacks) & Potty Breaks (real bathrooms and portajohns) are plentiful.

The finish line is on the beach, and we will be there to BLING YOU as you (and your “flat friend”) complete your 10-mile journey.

Dip your feet in the ocean, soak it up all the beauty, take lots of smiling selfies, and then follow the boardwalk to our after party at the Fripp Beach Club!

The After Party

The After Party is just steps away from our finish line at the Beach Club. We will have food, drink, music, games, and merchandise to keep the party going!


  • Anything you left at bag drop will be at the party (consider throwing a swimsuit/towel in so you can jump in the pool/ocean)!
  • The grills will be fired up and Fripp will have several buffet lines set up around the pool and inside the air-conditioned beach clubhouse for everyone wearing a race bib. Guests can purchase lunch for $15 at the door, and several bars will be set up for those wanting to purchase an adult beverage.
  • DJ Alan will be spinning platters and leading us in absolutely ridiculous games.
  • Our Survivor Celebration, sponsored by MUSC, will begin at 12:45 PM. We ask everybody to participate and help us honor our warriors and pay tribute to those we’ve lost. We realize that some people might still be on the course so we will be streaming the Celebration on Facebook Live so that you can still be a part of it.
  • At 1:00 PM, we’ll make our HUGE announcement about Pledge the Pink 2019, and registration will open. We will continue streaming this on Facebook Live in for those of you on the beach or still on the course.
  • We’ll boogie down and p-a-r-t-y until 2:15 PM.
  • Return buses will take you back to Hilton Head between 12:30 – 2:30 PM (as buses fill). And for those needing a lift back to your car at the start line, our friends at Fripp will give you a ride on their golf carts 🙂

Pledge the Pink 2019

If you haven’t already put us on your calendar, do it now: October 24-27, 2019.

And tell your “flat friends” to go here so they can be on our 2019 VIP list and be notified when we open registration.