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Did you know that our event requires over 500 volunteer positions to make Pledge the Pink the Best Darn Weekend of Your Life?

Fortunately, we get a lot of community support from the fine folks on Fripp, Dataw, and St. Helena’s Island. But that only takes care of about half the jobs.

The rest of our FlockStar crew and volunteers come to us from around the country… and many of them are actual PTP participants – or friends of participants!

Here’s just a sampling of some of our jobs:

  • Move golf carts from start line to finish line
  • Pass out medals at the finish lines
  • Cheer strangers along the course
  • Teach FlockStars how to play real-life Hungry Hungry Hippo
  • Be a judge in the flamingo decorating contest
  • Host some of our ridiculous games like Flamingo Feud, 70s Music Trivia, and Beer Pong
  • Demonstrate the art of s’mores making

If any of these jobs sound remotely interesting to you or you think that your traveling companions and guests might enjoy these kind of FlockStar shenanigans, shoot us an email at ptpvols@gmail.com and let us know what floats your boat, any limitations you might have, how much time you want to give, etc.

We can definitely use the help, and I guarantee that you’ll have more fun than a barrel of flamingos!

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