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Now YOU get to determine who receives our funding!

If you, or your team, raises at least $5,000 we will donate 75% of your funds to the PTP Foundation approved charity of your choice.

Any US-registered breast cancer nonprofit in good standing is eligible for consideration.

Step by step, here’s how it works:

The Fine Print

The mission of the Pledge the Pink Foundation is to provide breast cancer screening, treatment, research, and outreach; as such, all funds must be designated for one of these activities.

Specifically, our focus is funding mammograms, biopsies, clinic trials, research labs, diagnostic equipment, and outreach/education programs.

Because we must provide financial accountability for every dime we donate, please understand that we cannot provide financial assistance or care packages directly to patients or families.

Pledge the Pink Foundation will only distribute funds to US-registered breast cancer nonprofits in good standing. The charity can be located outside of the US, as long as it is registered with the IRS. Good standing is defined as having a Charity Navigator rating of at least 50% and it must be up to date with all its charitable filings.

If you and/or your team are pursuing the Choose Your Charity fundraising milestone, you can submit up to two charities to support. You’ll declare the charity(s) in your dashboard, along with their Tax ID Number, website address, and contact person at the charity.

Pledge the Pink Foundation will review all of the declared charities and if they have any concerns about a particular entity, they will contact you (or the team captain) to resolve. In the unlikely situation that the Pledge the Pink Foundation does not believe the charity qualifies, all parties will know this well in advance, giving you plenty of time to select another charity.

CYC funds cannot be designated to an individual fundraising page for a different breast cancer walk


It can be either. But the individual supersedes the team. Here are three scenarios:

  1. If an individual raises 5k on their own but happens to be part of a team, the individual will determine where his/her 5k gets distributed. The team captain will determine where the rest of the team’s money goes. For example, Mary is part of Team Yay. The team raises 7k, but Mary raised 5k of that. Mary dictates where her 5k goes (minus the 25% that stays with Pledge the Pink Foundation), and then the team captain determines where the 75% of rest of the 2k goes. If Mary happens to be the captain, she still has to listen to the wishes of her team in determining where the 2k gets distributed, but as team captain, we listen to her.
  2. If Mary raises 2k and her team’s total is 7k, then the team captain will tell us where all 7k should go (minus the 25% that goes to Pledge the Pink Foundation).
  3. If Mary isn’t on a team but she raises 4k, then she can either join a team before the deadline to help a team hit the 5k mark (the team captain will determine where funds go) or she can not worry about all that and just feel really good about the fact that she kicked but and all her money is going to help people. And that she’s won a bunch of cool prizes!
Yes, the board of the Pledge the Pink Foundation is legally required to donate its funds only to breast cancer nonprofits. They will do their own due diligence to ensure that your charity is in good standing and meets their criteria. When you tell us what charities you want your fundraising to go to, Pledge the Pink Foundation will review your designations and let you know as soon as possible if there are any concerns.
The nonprofits must provide breast care/research, they must be in good standing with the IRS and their state, and they must have a Guidestar rating of at least 50%. Any entity that does not meet these minimum standards will be reviewed on individual merit and the Pledge the Pink Foundation board will make final decision.

Anytime before October 1 in your dashboard under Fundraising!

The fundraising deadline for this program is October 1. It takes about a month to finalize due diligence and prepare necessary paperwork, so the goal is to distribute the funds by Dec 1.

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