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Love (and money) is in the air!

Let’s show it by inviting (and enticing) our loved ones to join us for Pledge the Pink!

Starting Feb 1 thru Feb 14, every new person that signs up and puts YOUR name in the referral field will earn you one entry into a drawing.

Where the grand prize is $1000.

Now do I have your attention?!

The second place winner will receive $500 and the third place FlockStar will score a cool $250.

Oh, and any person that recruits 10 or more people during the contest period will automatically win $500.

Your newbie friend also gets his/her name put into the drawing, and they can score their own additional entries for every recruit they get during the contest period.

Every new recruit that gives you credit as their referral gets you another entry into the drawing. The more people you recruit, the better your chances of winning!

We’ll announce the winners on Friday, February 15 at 8pm eastern.

We’ll also do fun little recruitment challenges during these two weeks just to keep yall on your toes! Things like:

  • First person to sign up someone from North Dakota wins $100
  • First person to recruit 3 people in the next 24 hours wins a one hour massage at Fripp and a golf cart
  • First 5-person team to recruit 2 more people wins a 30 min photo shoot
  • First person to recruit someone outside the US wins a flamingo luggage bag
  • First person to recruit someone who’s first name starts with an F wins a set of flamingo sheets
  • The person that recruits the most people will win $500

Rules and Fine Print

  • They must enter your name when they register- they can’t go back and change it later.
  • Entries based on recruits you get to sign up between midnight February 1 until 11:59PM on February 14. All times eastern.
  • If they spell your name wrong, hopefully it is close enough that we can figure it out. If not, we’ll call them for clarification.
  • They don’t have to join your team. The just have to register.

Stay in the Loop!

Sign up below and be the first to know about event details, discounts and much more!

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