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1. Is registration really closed?

Yes but it’ll reopen on January 18. We just wanted to give everyone a chance see the new website, answer all your questions, and ensure that we still had spots left for our loyal veterans that can’t afford to register until after the holidays. So we just hit pause.

If you don’t want to risk it, you can guarantee a spot right now by getting on our Waitlist. Your credit card won’t be charged until January 18 but you are 100% guaranteed space for Pledge the Pink 2019!

2. What will the price be?

Whether you join the waitlist now or wait until registration re-opens to register, we’re proud to still be able to offer a discounted price of $300. The full price of $350 will be charged sometime in early spring (assuming there is still space available).

3. What’s your cancellation/refund policy?

We’ve changed our policies this year to allow for at least partial refunds, depending on when you cancel. For liability and safety reasons, transfers are not allowed. Every participant has to be a registered with Pledge the Pink.

  • Cancel before March 1 and get a refund minus $50 cancellation fee
  • Cancel before July 1 and get a refund minus $100 cancellation fee
  • Cancel before Sept 1 and get a refund minus $150 cancellation fee

4. I registered, but I how do I join or create a team?

Upon registering, you received an email from us granting you access to your member dashboard. To edit your team, simply login to your dashboard and follow the steps in this video to create or join your team: 

5. Where should we stay?

Most people are staying at one of the thousand homes and villas at Fripp Island Resort. If you want to experience all the excitement, activities, and have 24/7 flamingo friending… stay at Fripp. There website has tons of available places for you and your crew. You can also call them at (888) 741-8974 and they can help you find the best beach retreat for your weekend. The majority of people have booked Thursday thru Monday but if you need to skidaddle on Sunday, that’s fine. If you book thru the resort, they’re giving you a NOON checkout! Note that dozens of people are spending the entire week at Fripp so if you want to turn this into a framily reunion/vacation, you’ll be in great flocking company.

You can also stay at Hunting Island State Park which is just over the bridge from Fripp. They have traditional campsites and can also accommodate large RVs. I believe we have 12 campsites already booked with flockers so it should be a great time at Hunting (psst- this is a nice option if you’re on a budget. Pitch a tent or rent an RV with friends and you’ll save money)!

Two other options you might want to consider are Harbour Island and Dataw Island. Both have villas and houses available via VRBO. You’ll probably find them a little cheaper, and you’ll also be a little closer to Beaufort if you want to stroll, shop, and eat in the US’s Most Friendly Seaside Town!

What’s coming Jan 18:

  • Islands announced (we still have a surprise for you!)
  • Daily activity schedule released (all the games, island excursions, tours, and shenanigans)
  • Fundraising prizes and policy changes (yay)
  • Announcement of 2018 funds and recipients
  • Sneak peek at the 2019 3-day medal!

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8 thoughts on “January Q&A With Fancy”

    1. Hey Lori!

      It’s a 3-day event so we don’t offer one or two day options. We used to, but it just got very complicated. If you’re not able to do all 10 miles each day, you can still sign up and take the 5-mile shortcuts we have everyday! That’s a popular option with folks! This way you can participate with everyone and enjoy the incredible weekend but not stress about the 10 miles! How does that sound?

  1. Harriet Hankerson

    I registered on 12/31 based on an email I received that said registration was $240 thru midnight but I was charged $250 on my credit card.

  2. Hi Laura,
    Do all the participants need Fripp guest resort cards to access Fripp pool, restaurants, etc. or will Fripp make an exception for PTP participants? I was just thinking … that would be a lot of resort cards they have to print out. Our home landlord wanted to know how many he needs to order so just making sure if we need them for sure.

    1. It’s complicated, Inge. But the simple answer is yes, everyone should have a resort card. There are lots of VRBOs out there that are not members of the club so they don’t charge as much for their rents. But that means that their tenants can’t use the resort facilities. It’s a fine line we all have to walk so the best thing is to make sure that everyone has a card!

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