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1. What’s all this talk about special food at the lunches and having to update something in my dashboard?

We are grateful to our host sponsors for providing vegan and vegetarian options again this year.

If you would like one of these meal options at lunch (during the daily after parties) then you MUST edit your registration to choose one of these meals by July 31.

Everyone’s race bibs will include tear-off stubs that you’ll use to get your lunch. These stubs will say either LUNCH or VEGAN or VEGETARIAN. If you have not selected a vegan or vegetarian option in your dashboard then you will be directed to the regular lunch buffet.

Race bibs will be ordered on Aug 1 so if you want to eat, we need you to log in to your dashboard and make sure your info is correct and tell us if you would like a special vegan or vegetarian meal.

Please note that we include your first name, your city, state, team name (if any), and your “newbie” status on the bibs. So it is important for yall to check the data to make sure it is accurate and everything is spelled correctly. We see what looks like 100+ typos/errors in your data but it isn’t our place to make changes to your registration. Because you might really live in Hairy Lawn, NJ.

2. I can’t log in to my dashboard/I don’t remember the password/What is a dashboard?

When you registered for Pledge the Pink 2019, you received an email from us that contained your login to your Flockstar Dashboard! To login, please locate your credentials from that email and head on over to https://dashboard.pledgethepink.com to login!

Once you’re in, here’s a handy guide to get to know your FlockStar Dashboard: https://pledgethepink.com/blog/meet-your-flockstar-dashboard/

If you can’t find your dashboard access email, the fine folks at info@pledgethepink.com can help!

3. When will I get the stuff I ordered in the store?

All orders will be shipped on July 15 so you should start receiving them on the 17th and 18th.

After that, the next store fulfillment “party” will be October 5 at my house (vols needed!) and we will ship on Oct 7. So you’ll have all your goodies before the event!

4. My friends want to register but it is past the date. What can they do?

Send them to our website and have them register on our waitlist. More than likely we will find a spot for them within a week or two and be able to move them from waitlist to full blown FlockStar Registrants. YAY!

5. Is there a fundraising contest for July?

To help us reach 150k by the end of July, we’re offering photo shoots at the beach for any individual frundraiser that raises $1000 between July 1-31!

You can choose whether the shoot is just for you and/or if you want to include your friends and family in the fun. We’ll coordinate the day and time with each of our winners and we’ll bring all our props so you can make this a memory you’ll never forget!

Remember that fundraising is open to ANYONE, not just registrants. If you need help creating a fundraising page on our system, please email us at info@pledgethepink.com and we’ll help you get started.

Like our previous fundraising contests, this challenge applies to individual totals and not team totals.

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