Why LoCo Motion is now called Pledge the Pink

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So you’ve noticed something’s different.
LoCo Motion is now Pledge the Pink.

Here’s the 4-1-1.

What’s changed?

Nothing—well, almost nothing. Your medal, and your swag, will now say Pledge the Pink. We have a different logo, and a different website.

But we’re the same old us. Shoe, Fancy, Stevie, Laura, and the gang will all be back for 2017. We’ll do the same island-hopping and goal-crushing and cancer-fighting. We’ll walk, and dance, and jam to our song.

And we’ll stay a little LoCo—always.

But whyyy?

Because we’ve grown up. LoCo Motion started as a tiny, local effort to raise some money to fight breast cancer. We wanted to help our nonprofit friends, and get the Low Country (aka: LoCo) in shape. Since then, a lot’s changed. We’ve gotten bigger, we’ve given more, and we’ve brought in people from all over the country (and the world!).

While we will always be from and for our local community—we’re thrilled that each year, we can do more. We can expand our reach, include over 1,500 racers, and get more care to the women who need it.

But no matter how we’ve grown and changed, one thing hasn’t: the pledge.

Whether you’re from South Carolina or California or France or Mars—when you sign up for this crazy weekend—you pledge to do something that matters. Even if it’s hard. Even if it pushes you. You pledge to take out the days, and work through the miles, for the good of the cause.

And so even though we laugh, and throw parties, and decorate flamingos, and have the best weekend of our lives—the pledge is what we’re really about. We’re about promise to beat breast cancer, and to honor those we love who’ve suffered from it.

So thank you for taking that pledge with us. Thank you for Pledging the Pink.

And whatever you call us, know that this is your pledge. And your race. It always will be.

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1 thought on “Why LoCo Motion is now called Pledge the Pink”

  1. Tammie Williams

    Such a wonderful cause! We’ve added another member to our group and can’t wait to see you in September!!

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