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“In 2011, I got a letter written in crayon.

The first Pledge the Pink was planned in my dining room. It came out of a few friends, hundreds of hours, and a simple idea: “Breast cancer sucks—let’s do something about it.”

We were days away from our first event, when a letter landed in my mailbox.

It read, in big untidy letters: “Please help my mommy.”

Attached was 3 dollars—and another brief message: “My wife is Stage 4. Our son wanted to send his tooth fairy money to support your fundraising event. He hopes it will help.”

And so I’ve worked hard to help. That day I wrote a $3 dollar check. I added it to our donations, and I put those three bills and that letter in a frame.

Everyday, those 3 dollars remind me that what we do here matters. That by giving a little, we can do a lot. Everyday, they remind me why I Pledge the Pink.

I hope you’ll take that pledge with me.”

– Laura Morgan
Founder, Pledge the Pink

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