Top 10 Reasons Why This Will Be The Best Darn Weekend Of Your Life

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3-night sleepover

As the saying goes, the flock that walks, eats, celebrates, boogies, swims, tans, kayaks with dolphins, and makes funny wine glasses together— stays together. And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing. It’s a 3-night sleepover for 1500 shenanigan-seeking adults that are destined to become besties for life.

Boneyard Beach

Hunting Island and its boneyard beach and lighthouse (you can climb it if you want)! Not to mention walking over to Little Hunting Island for your third island in one day!

Croquet anyone?

Dataw, with its exquisite clubhouse, resort pool, and expansive waterfront view. It’s the perfect place to celebrate. And live forever and ever (you’ll want to move there, you’ll see)!

Fripp’s frog

Fripp, with its deer, golf carts, majestic trees, private beaches, and the oceanfront Cabana Club complete with sliding frog, caves, waterfalls, swim up bar. Instagram is going to blow up.

Swag & bling galore!

The four big beautiful bling and over-stuffed swag bags brimming with photo frames, long sleeve tech shirts, shoe charms, FlockStar license plates, Fancy headbands, and some other surprises!

More smores

Contests galore: best costumes, golf cart decorating, first three runners everyday, Flocks of Love flamingo decorating, best signs… And awesome prizes for the winners like massages, photos shoots, and extra dessert! 🙂

Shenanigans abound

DJ Alan shenanigans & ridiculousness: laugh-til-you-snort games, giant beer pong, movies at the pool, pajama karaoke, beachside trivia. We’ve got more fun than a barrel of flamingos!

Chillax y’all

Staying at the resort means you’ll never be more than a golf cart ride from where you’re supposed to be: the start lines, finish lines, Dataw buses, parties, dinner, friends, pools, golf, tennis, beaches, bars, and convenience store are literally down the street. The deer will show you the way.

Surprise! Don’t miss out

This is the most affordable weekend we’ve ever had, with accommodations at our Fripp being at least 20% cheaper than previous years. Or you can pitch a tent or rent an RV and you can stay at beautiful Hunting Island for just $100 for the whole weekend! And we’re throwing in a $100 coupon for our favorite veteran FlockStarsuse coupon code 2019WILLSTOMP2018 at checkout.

Kick cancer’s ass

The goosebumps are free all weekend long. Because kicking cancer’s ass is serious business, but it is also a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding. And $500,000 buys a lot of goosebump moments.

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