Estimated Trip Costs & Tips to Budget for Your Weekend

How much does it cost
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With about 80% of our registrants coming from out of town, we know a thing or two about the costs associated with housing, transportation, meals, drinks, etc.

Based on the surveys and feedback we’ve gotten over the last nine years, the average registrant spends $300-$500 on weekend expenses (not including transportation).

With accommodations at Fripp averaging about 20% cheaper than our previous locations, you should be able to find a house or villa and spend about $60-100/night per person. Assuming you buddy up and share accommodations.

Make sure you check out our post with tons of information that relates to all of this.

Accommodations Tips:

  • Generally, the bigger the house, the more people you can accommodate, and the cheaper the per person cost is. So that’s why you’ll see so many great deals in our Facebook Group as people are looking to fill an extra bedroom for like $60/night because it is probably a big house and the bill is being divided by a bunch of peeps. Not only do you save money, but you’ll probably end up with 10 new besties and have an even better time than had you paid more money to rent a villa or efficiency by yourself or with just one other person.
  • Staying at Fripp also means that you’ll have a kitchen… and that saves a lot of money on pricey dinners and unhealthy drive thrus. Remember that we’ll have lunch for you at the finish line on Fri and Sat, and then brunch on Sunday. So you just need to do breakfast and dinner.
  • If you/your friends are driving to the island, you might also want to consider cooking meals or snacks in advance and bringing them down in a cooler. This way you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time at the beach!

Transportation Tips:

  • Need to fly here? There are three airports that you should explore. The most obvious is Savannah (SAV, 90 minutes away). But occasionally you can find even better prices by flying into Hilton Head airport (HHH, 75 minutes away). The other oddball airport is Charleston (CHS, 120 minutes away)- SouthWest flies there so that makes things more competitive.
  • There will be plenty of FlockStars flying into all of these airports so if it is just you and a friend, hold off on renting a car or Ubering until you post on our Facebook Rideshare Board to see if you can score a ride from a local and/or split the cost of a rental/Uber with a few more people.
  • If you’re within the infamous six-hour drive zone, you can also use the Rideshare Board to see if you can carpool down with folks in your area. Share the gas, enjoy car games, and cruise the interstates in your pinked-out ride!
  • Remember that most of Fripp’s rentals include a golf cart so, for the most part, once you get to the island you can park the car(s) and not worry about transportation the rest of the weekend.
  • Depending on how big your party is, you may want to book an extra golf cart or two so there’s plenty of room for everyone. They have 4 seaters and 6 seaters at Fripp, and there are also other rental companies:
    Fripp Island Equipment Rental
    Island Golf Cart Rentals
    We SeeUm Rentals

Food & Drinks

  • Stop in Beaufort on your way in and do your shopping. Or order online at the Piggly Wiggly and they’ll deliver it to your house/villa after 4pm (check in time).
  • Fripp has several restaurants and snack bars and they’ll also be serving catered dinners for those of you that RSVP (coming soon).
  • We’ve listed all the restaurants within 15 miles of the resort (CLICK HERE) so you can see their menus and get an idea for prices. Budget accordingly if you plan on eating out.
  • If you’re a party flocker than you know how much drinks can add up. Stock your house/condo with a run to the grocery/liquor store in Beaufort. There’s also a tiny liquor store in the resort and the convenience store does have beer and wine. Fripp will have bars open all day until about 10pm each night (check the schedule here).

So basically yall, it is totally up to you how much you spend for this weekend. Staying with friends, eating at home, splurging on a dinner or two out, brown bagging the cocktails, having a few drinks at the bars, doing a dolphin cruise… that’s all pretty much included in the $300-$500 estimate.

So budget accordingly and have the time of your life!

Want to learn more about where to stay, where to shop and where to eat? Click here.

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