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We’ve got tons of silly games and awesome contests for yall as you travel to Fripp and over the course of the four day weekend:

Plane Hijinks

If you’re flying to Pledge the Pink, make sure you and your travel buddies draw some attention to yourself and the cause by dressing the part. Wear your new PTP apparel, add a pink boa and some pink cowboy boots, and create a ‘Pledge the Pink or Bust’ sign so that everyone at the airport and on your plane knows that you are a FlockStar. Bonus points for dressing up like a flamingo! Get creative and have fun with this- and don’t forget to tell your flight crew what you’re doing and ask them to give you a special shout out for taking a stand against breast cancer! Use #onourwaytopledgethepink and post it in our Facebook group page or tag us on Instagram to be entered to win the 2019 Best Plane Hijinks Award!

Car Decorating

If you’re driving to Fripp then you simply must decorate your car with flags, magnets, and PTP messages on the windows. Let everyone on the US interstate system know that you are bound for some boobie-saving adventures. Make sure that you and any occupants are dressed for the part, too! We expect a lot of entries for this one and we have an incredible prize for the bodacious winner so make sure you tag us on Instagram or post in our Facebook group and use #onourwaytopledgethepink so we can include you in the judging.

Best course sign

We’ve got tons of fun and motivational signs along the course but we want to see your creativity! Make your own sign and bring it with you or use our Sign Making Station at the Packet Pickup Party and create a funny or inspirational masterpiece on site. We’ll put them all along the courses and our judges will choose the top three winners over the weekend. Use posterboard or coroplast board if you’re bringing your own.

Golf cart parade

Join our inaugural golf cart decorating contest and parade on Saturday afternoon! This is open to all registrants, their guests, volunteers, and local residents. Enter your golf cart here and come up with a decorating plan (we suggest you bring decorations with you as the Resort doesn’t carry a lot of pink flamingo decorations)! There will be three winners chosen so get involved and be part of the ridiculousness!

Best Decorated Flamingo

If you donated or raised at least $100 then there will be a plastic pink flamingo waiting for you in our Flocks of Love display in front of the Fripp Beach Club. Bring some flamingo-sized costume pieces and accessorize your bird in any way you’d like. Perhaps in a theme to honor a loved one or a donor, or just have fun with it and dress your birdie(s) as crazy as you’d like. We will have prizes for the best “mini flock” (for those of you that have several birds that you decorate as a group) and for the best dressed/decorated individual flamingo.

Pool side trivia

We’ve got some great questions for you FlockStars and we are looking forward to our two trivia contests over the weekend. Join us at the Beach Club pool (next to the Sandbar) and test your knowledge of random facts. We’ve got prizes for the top 3 winners each day so study up and be there or be square!


Sing a solo or dazzle us with a group, just make us proud during the Pajama Karaoke contest and walk away as Fancy’s Idol! There are prizes for the top three winners.

Talent show

Do FlockStars have talent because so far, no one has signed up for our Fancy Camp Talent Show! We know we’ve got talent in this flock and we demand to see it. Sign up here and let’s see what you got!┬áThe top three will receive awesome prizes.

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