Weather – it has never rained on us. Ever. We had one day with some “spittin” a few years back, but it has never officially rained on the seven years we’ve done this. So don’t let this forecast worry you. BUT, you might as well pack an umbrella, extra pair of socks , and maybe another pair of sneakers, just in case.

Cancellation/No Show Policies unless there’s a state of emergency or the Big Man upstairs says otherwise, we walk, run, crawl, saunter, and sashay 10 miles each day! Here’s a link to our official policies.

What to Pack – check out this nifty PDF our previous registrants made for yall. Download and let the pink packing begin!  

Flamingos & Fundraising Prizes – it’s confusing, we get it. Bottom line, if you raise at least 50 bucks, you get a bird in our giant flock of pink flamingos. Raise more money, get more birds. And if you raised more than $100 before Sept. 30, we’ll have cool prizes waiting for you. Click here to get the skinny on how it all works.

Bus Captains – are you funny? Great, you’re hired! We need bus captains for our adventure to Fripp next Friday. Looking for two people for each bus, so tag team your bestie and sign up here. We’ll have all the games, activities, and answers to your questions in a nice little package. And a surprise gift for you two that’ll make the rest of your bus so very jelly! Previous PTP/loco experience a plus, but certainly not required. Just need fine folks that like to have fun.

Let the Games Begin – we’ve got spectacular prizes for all our winners. And even if you don’t bring home the trophy, you’ll still have a blast playing along so read up on all our contests here.

Weekend at a Glance – affectionately referred to around here as the WAG, this puppy has all the answers to all of your questions. Not only is it on our website, but we also managed to cram all the info into a few pages so that you can DOWNLOAD YOUR WAG BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. It’s got all the who’s, the what’s, the when’s, the where’s, thy why’s, and even all the how’s. Amazing. Here’s that link again:

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