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Historically, we’ve dispersed most of our fundraising dollars to regional hospitals and clinics in the southeast, primarily because the majority of our registrants came from this area.

Places like:

    • Mayo Clinic
    • Northside Hospital
    • Hollings Cancer Center
    • American Cancer Society
  • Volunteers in Medicine
  • All In Foundation
  • Beaufort Memorial Hospital
  • Beaufort Jasper Hampton Comprehensive Services

But now we’re kind of a big deal and people flock to us from all over the world so we’re branching out.

And YOU get to decide where your fundraising dollars go this year!

If you and/or your team raise 5k, you get to Choose Your Charity. You can choose up to two breast cancer nonprofits and we will send them 75% of your funds.

Starting in March, we will post these charities on our website so that everyone can see how the money is being distributed.

The other 25% will remain in the “big pot” to be dispersed to agencies and organizations that our charity board selects, largely based on your recommendations.

What if you don’t raise 5k? Well all that money will go into the pot too, and we will disperse it to qualifying breast cancer screening, treatment, and research programs across the country. Again, your recommendations will influence these choices greatly.

Our decisions are based on your recommendations, the agency’s rating, their breast care program/mission, and how they plan on using the funds.

Because at the end of the day, we just want to help as many people as we can. And we also want to do our part in helping find a cure for this insidious disease.

So we cut thru the red tape and bureaucracy that most non profits have to deal with. And we simply give where the money will make the biggest difference.

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