Top 10 Things a FlockStar Should Know

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In case you missed the shot heard round the world the other day, we are 110% officially LIVE this October!

The Governor himself has approved us and we’re fired up and ready to go!

If you missed our Facebook Live chat on Sunday, here’s a summary of announcements and things you want to know. Still not registered? Use coupon code SUMMER50 and save $50 thru June 30! Register here

1. Training

Training starts next month for those that want to do the extended 16-week schedule (great for newbies and fellow couch potatoes).

2. Courses

Our courses are all finalized and we’ve got daily Facebook challenges set for each day (we won’t spill the beans on those right now, but here’s the link to the course maps).

3. Store

You gotta look cute for training so visit our store: If you haven’t received a previous store order, please check your email for a message from us. Also please note that the garden flags won’t arrive at my house until June 15 so if your order included one, we’ll ship your package out right after the flags arrive.

4. FAQ

Check out our new FAQ page- it contains a dozen quick links to topics we get asked about often:

5. Facebook

We have two other Facebook group pages that yall should check out if you’re looking for a ride (or have an empty seat in your car to share) or for those folks that have empty bed/are looking for an empty bed on Hilton Head. It’s always more fun to carpool and share housing expenses:

6. Lunches

Check out the yummy lunches and brunch we have for your finish line parties… and then make sure you’ve selected the appropriate dietary option in your dashboard (tell us if you want a different vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free option)

7. Bingo

Our legendary Drag Queen Bingo will be happening live on Friday night of our event but we will have limited seats. If you want to be the first to know when they go on sale, go here and we’ll notify you the moment tickets become avail:

8. Saturday afternoon activities

Would you rather do a bike parade on Saturday afternoon or be part of a large Fancy kite flying event? Go here and cast your vote!

9. Help us win for the cause!

Please please please please please please please click the link and vote for Pledge the Pink Foundation in Collins Group Realty’s 200th Home Sale. We are currently dead last and we need to win the $5,000 prize!

10. Choose your Charity

Are you and/or your team going to raise at least 5k this year? If so, you get to Choose Your Charity- you get to tell us where you want 80% of your donations to be given (the other 20% will be primarily donated to local charities). Our board of directors must approve your chosen charity (even if they’ve approved it in previous years) so go here and take care of this now:

And the last two items we’d like to bring to your attention are

1) bacon and 2) beverages:

Show me the Bacon!

Right now we only have 203 people with an active fundraising page (one that actually has money in it). Your assignment is to help us increase that number to 330 pages by June 30 (with a minimum of $33.00 in each account). If you do this, we will add bacon to the menu for Sunday’s brunch! Yay!

Psst – here’s the easiest way to raise money without asking anyone for a dime:

The Beverage Challenge!

Help us SELL OUT this summer and we’ll reward you with a beverage bounty! For every new recruit you get to register for Pledge the Pink 2021, we will put a drink ticket in your swag bag. Just make sure they write your name as their referral when they sign up.

FYI, registration prices increase to $450 on July 1 so tell your posse to take action now. We’re also offering a very-rarely issued $50 coupon to help you help us. Give them coupon code SUMMER50 and they can sign up now for just $350!

Speaking of alcohol, we want to know what kind of beer and wine you want us to serve at the parties. Go here and choose your favorite so we can make sure we order plenty:

Still not registered?

Use the SUMMER50 coupon and save $50 thru June 30

Stay in the Loop!

Sign up below and be the first to know about event details, discounts and much more!

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