One of Pledge the Pink’s goals is to help people cross their first (and second and third!) finish line.

Don’t let the miles scare you

As the thousands of peeps who have crossed our finish lines before you will attest – you can so do this!

And we’ll be with you every step of the way, no matter what your fitness level. Pledge the Pink is a refreshing challenge for race junkies looking to shake things up a bit, and it is the dream weekend for newbies looking to cross their first finish line.

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12-week schedule

If this is your first long distance event and/or you want to use the training to help lose a few pounds, this is for you.


8-week schedule

If you’ve been exercising somewhat regularly, this schedule will help you get to the finish line in just 8 weeks.


6-week schedule

Race Junkies! The daily log is shorter than you’re used to, but repeating it again & again & again aint as easy as you think!

One, two or three days

While the vast majority of our peeps do all three days, it is totally cool if you want to “only” do one or two islands. We just want everyone to experience the life-changing thrill of achieving your goal! And don’t worry about time limits, our finish lines stay up until everyone crosses!

Race Junkies

Beat the boredom and change up your training: set a new goal with us! Running (or walking) 10 miles back to back to back requires a whole different kind of training than your traditional half/full marathons. Three days of distance running demands ultimate foot conditioning and a new level of endurance. Are you up for the challenge?

The ideal event for those tired of the same old race scene

Mix up your pace every day and score four blings in one awesome-packed weekend. PSST- Callawassie is a great course to PR!

Training Tips

To make your Pledge the Pink weekend a walk in the park

Hydration is critical

Especially in the summer. Make sure you’re drinking a bottle of water every hour you are training. Sports drinks aren’t necessary unless you are sweating for over 75-90 minutes.

Even then, go with natural electrolytes by adding fresh lemon or lime to your water. Or have a piece of fruit to nibble on after 60-90 minutes of training.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Don’t buy your kicks because they are cute or on sale. Buy them because they are the right style and design for YOUR body (for your pronation tendancies, strike patters, and gate alignments).

If you don’t have a “running store” in your city to help you determine which sneaker is best for you, then check out our friends at Road Runner Sports. Hands down, the best prices and customer service you’ll ever find.

Cotton is rotten

Once it gets wet, it stays wet- and that’s when blisters and chaffing occur. Invest in socks that are made of synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic & CoolMax fabric.

Once you start increasing your miles/duration, you’ll also want to wear dry-wick shirts and shorts. And yeah, same goes for sports bras and panties, too!

Build your muscles and your confidence

Training also means finding out what foods work best for you, what clothes are most comfortable, and what preventative steps you can take to avoid chub rub, blisters, etc.

Experiment with foods, anti-chafing gels, and bandaids. Now is the time to find out that your favorite sports bra is great for short walks, but rubs your arm raw for walks over two hours.

Figure this stuff out now– it’ll make your Pledge the Pink weekend all the more enjoyable!

“The training was a perfect way to bring my framily together for healthy happy hours! We had so much fun and our group lost a collective 82 pounds. We put a few back on over LoCo weekend (lol), but it was so worth it!”
– Kelly Sanders

Our Mission

We Pledge to create a premiere event, bringing people from across the country to our four-day walk/run celebration. We Pledge to support each other and embrace all fitness levels, providing a safe environment for everyone to give their best. We Pledge to provide non-bureaucratic funding for breast cancer screening, treatment, and research. We Pledge to crush goals, laugh uncontrollably, and celebrate survivorship. We Pledge to give you the Best Weekend of Your Life.