Yes, You Can!​

One of Pledge the Pink’s goals is to help people cross their first (and second and third!) finish line.

Don’t Let the Miles Scare You

As the thousands of peeps who have crossed our finish lines before you will attest – you can so do this!

And we’ll be with you every step of the way, no matter what your fitness level. Pledge the Pink is a refreshing challenge for race junkies looking to shake things up a bit, and it is the dream weekend for newbies looking to cross their first finish line.


16-week schedule

If this is your first long distance event and/or you want to use the training to help lose a few pounds, this is for you.


12-week schedule

If you’ve been exercising somewhat regularly, this schedule will help you get to the finish line in just 12 weeks.


8-week schedule

If you’re already walking or running 15+ miles a week, this schedule will help ramp up the miles and get you ready for the back-to-back-to-back conditioning!


6-week schedule

This is reserved for race junkies, gym rats, and folks that are already running/walking at least 8 miles a day. Please do not follow this schedule unless you are incredibly fit and already in training for another race or event.

Our courses are flat, formidable, and full of fun!

We offer official pit stops every 2.5-3 miles that are loaded with snacks, hydration, first aid supplies, and friendly fans. We also anticipate several community pit stops that Amelia Island residents will set up along the courses! Need to pee? We’ve got more toilets per capita than any other race in the history of races!

We suggest that you train on nature trails to help you acclimate to the few miles you’ll be doing on the beach. It is hard-packed sand but if you don’t have beaches near you to train on, please find a trail or gravel road so you can build up the stabilizer muscles in your legs.

  • Please remember that our routes are 10 miles and we expect everyone will train accordingly.
  • If for some reason you are not able to reach a pre-set marker on a course by a certain time, we will automatically reroute you to the nearest shortcut
  • If you know that you’ll be doing shortcuts, please adjust your training so that you can do 6 miles each day
  • All participants will have 4 hours to cross the finish lines