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It’s almost time, FlockStars! Are you as excited (and freaked out!) as we are?!

Well fear not, feathered friends. We come bearing gifts that’ll unruffle your tail feathers lickety split.

Click here and download PDFs you can print with all the weekend details: where to be, when to be there, how to get there, what to wear, what to bring, what to expect, etc

Print those suckers and highlight everything that is important to you (like EVERYTHING!).

Answers to this week’s top five (okay, six) trending questions:

  1.  What if it rains?

We get wet, yall. Pack weather gear, an umbrella, two or three pairs of sneakers, and all your favorite socks. We walk/run/crawl rain or shine. Here’s our official weather policy.

  1. What if I can’t do the entire 10 (or 20 or 30) miles.

Do what you can. We have short cuts every day and we also have people zooming the course in golf carts to give you a lift to the finish or the closest short cut. Beach Patrol and other volunteers will also be available. We will post short cuts next week but basically you can pretty much do anything between 3 and 10 miles each day. And yeah, you still get bling 🙂

  1. What if I can’t attend? Can I get a refund? Can I transfer/sell my registration to someone?

Sorry, we can’t. Here’s a reminder of our cancellation policy.We’ve already used your registration fee to pay for your food, buses, medals, swag, insurance, etc (and earmarked any remaining dollars to the cause).

And because YOU are the legal registrant and YOU are the one that agreed to our terms and conditions and signed the waiver, you can’t just give/sell your registration to someone else.They are not covered by our insurance and that puts us in a very precarious predicament if they get hurt and/or if they injure someone else. This happens every year and it costs us lots of money (and mammograms). Please do not put us in this position. You agreed to these strict policies when you registered and we thank you for understanding.

  1.   Can you change a donation from my team to my personal page?

We can’t do that at this late date, but if you come to the FlockYard during event weekend, we can make sure to credit you with additional flamingos in our Flocks of Love Display (see more about this in the Weekend at a Glance). And know that all those donations, no matter what team or page they ended up being made on, all go to the same place. And they will provide over 4000 mammograms to people during the scariest ten minutes of their lives. That should feel pretty doggone good, huh?

  1.   Can I change my team? Who is on my team?

The bibs were printed in August and we can’t make any changes to registrations at this point. If you are on a team with FOUR or more people, your packet will be in the TEAMS tent and someone from your team will need to pick up ALL your team’s packets. See the Weekend at a Glance for more info on thi

If you want to see who is on your team, check out the team rosters here.

  1.  I got my store order but there were items missing, who do I call?. I haven’t gotten any of my purchases yet, what do I do?

Send us an email to and let us know what we messed up. We’re human, we make mistakes. Especially when packaging 300 orders in four hours in my garage! We’ll get missing items to you ASAP, I promise.

Now, if you ordered a Trucker Hat or a Sweatshirt, those two items were delayed in production and we sent an email to you on Saturday to let you know that all hats will be distributed to buyers at Packet Pickup. If your store ordered included a sweatshirt, we expect those to arrive here to Fancy’s Sweat Shop by Thursday afternoon so we will add the hoodies to these incomplete packages and ship your order in its entirety by 5PM Thursday (minus any trucker hats that you’ll get at Packet Pickup).

Hope the WAG and these FAQs help explain everything. It’s a complicated event with a million variables so I understand how overwhelming and confusing it can be.

Just know that we’ve got you covered and that you’re in for the best weekend of your life!

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