Sponsor Pledge the Pink

Sponsorships from $500 to 10k


Pit Stop Sponsors can adopt a snack station along one of our courses for just $500. We’ll provide the tables, tent, water, gatorade, cups, coolers, and ice. Your sponsorship pays for the bonus snacks like popcorn, energy bars, fruit, wings, pizza, and other customizable goodies.

Or if you want to bring 1500 servings of the pre-approved snack, we will gladly accept the food in lieu of cash. We will staff the snack station with our own volunteers (minimum of three needed) or if you want to invite friends/family/team members/employees to staff it, we can coordinate that too. Bring your banner and any marketing materials you’d like to pass out.


Finish Line Sponsor is similar to our Pit Stop Sponsor but you get to be at the finish line which means you have more time with each person. Bring your “upgraded” snack or give us $1500 and we’ll coordinate the “menu” with you and take care of it all. Depending on how many people you have, we would be honored if you helped pass out the finishers medals to the registrants as they come across the finish line. It is probably the best job ever.

As always, we can supplement our volunteers at the finish line if you don’t have the ability to staff the entire layout (minimum four people needed). Bring your signs, flyers, banners, music, and cheering crowd or we’ll set it all up and make sure that everyone knows who is behind the spread!


Be an official Party Sponsor and be center stage with everyone during our huge post-race celebrations. Our parties are set up a few hundred yards from the finish lines and last for four+ hours. Our DJ will acknowledge you all afternoon and you’ll be given a chance to personally talk to the crowds on the microphone.

Your cash sponsorship helps us pay for the food, entertainment, decorations, rental equipment, and supplies needed to create a party that no one ever wants to leave. Bring your employees, friends, family, and all the marketing stuff you want. Boogie with the crowds and let them know how much you admire their accomplishments. You’ve got 4-5 hours to interact with the most loyal and appreciative fans ever.


Adopt a Day and be celebrated all day (and YEAR) long! Not only will we give you the mic at the start line, finish line, during the party… whenever you want it… we’ll also give you naming rights to the event! The Johnson Family Presents Day 2 of Pledge the Pink or Join us at Fripp Island for Day 3, brought to you by XYZ Bank. Has a nice ring to it, huh?

Your cash sponsorship helps offset the cost of the stuff no one ever wants to pay for: portajohns, water, signs, insurance, buses, and all the other fundamental supplies needed to make this the Best Weekend of Your Life. With your help, we can also splurge on upgrades like two-ply toilet paper in the portajohns and birthday cake to celebrate Fancy’s 10th. And we think that is worth a year’s worth of plugs and PR.