We pledge to

Pledging the Pink empowers you to beat your goals, your doubt, and most importantly, breast cancer.

(And join us September 21-24, 2017)



Meet your 1499 best friends. Pledge the Pink is first and foremost a community—so you’ll never train, race, or crawl that last mile alone.



These babies win awards. When the sunlight makes the white sand sparkle, or you spot a family of dolphins near the shore—we promise, you’ll forget your feet hurt.



That’s 10 each day. Whether this is your first race, or your thousandth, we promise, you’ll cross that finish line with pride—and leave with four big ‘ole pieces of bling to show for it.



That translates thousands of mammograms, biopsies, and lives saved. It’s our biggest fundraising goal yet—and you’ll be a part of it.

Seeing so many people, all with the same goal in mind, taking care of people they had never met, encouraging and hugging…. I could go on and on!!!

From the time we hit mile 2 on the very first day, we decided we were already signing up the next year!

– Marla J, survivor

We give 100% of the Proceeds to the Cause.

When we say we fight breast cancer, we mean it.

Every penny of our proceeds goes to kicking breast cancer’s butt. How? We find rockstar service providers, locally and nationally, that need a little help. Then we fill their funding gaps, with money for mammograms, biopsies, and cutting-edge research.

The most important finish line isn’t the one that ends the race—it’s the one that ends breast cancer.

When you #PledgethePink—you take the first step towards crossing both.

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