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  1. I walk to honor my Mom Betty Brown who was a breast cancer survivor. I watched her go through her surgery with not one complaint. I brought her home from the hospital put her in the recliner and went to pick up her meds. When I arrived home imagine my surprise to find my Mom in the kitchen cooking lunch for my Dad (not really a surprise to anyone who knows my Mom). I know there were times she was scared, hurting or just plain tired but you would have never known it by talking to her. I remember sitting in the Doctors office being told the biopsy was cancer the first thing I said to her was we got this!!!! I hope that I am and have been half the Mom to my children that she was to me. So I walk this walk in HONOR OF MY HERO, MY MOM, MY BEST FRIEND, AND MY BIGGEST SUPPORTER

  2. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, surgery and radiation. My friend asked me if I wanted to walk to raise money for breast cancer. I just retired and said sure and was so glad I said yes! 30 miles is reasonable and doable all in the support of fighting breast cancer, surrounded by people fighting for the same cause. I love that have the freedom to choose to raise money and not forced like so many walks. I love that you can meet perfect strangers and they become friends I love that you can have fun, bind with people, cry, laugh and dance together while fighting for a cause. 2019 was my first walk, already signed up for 2023. I will be a lifer as long as I can. I’m am blessed that Pledge the Pink exists.

  3. OOOh! Where do I start? I have friends who have survived and friends who have lost the battle with breast cancer. It is an honor to walk for all of them and those who have yet to be diagnosed. 2022 was my first year walking Pledge The Pink and I LOVE the sense of helping others battle breast cancer while having the most fun any one weekend anyone can experience! Fight-Fun-Friends!

  4. I was diagnosed in 2016 with stage four invasive ductal carcinoma. I walk because I am a survivor and I want others to survive like me. I walk because I make friends who I share my feelings and thoughts with. PTP is so much more than just walking. It’s a friendship with people you might never meet and the comfort of knowing you are never alone. I walk because I have faith that the future holds a cure for this awful disease. Thank you.

    1. I walk for those that can’t. There are countless survivors and supporters that are not able to take those precious steps despite their own unfortunate, temporary situations. I walk to bring them energy and determination that their temporary situations are just that…temporary!!
      They need something to look forward to as they witness those crazy walkers taking each of the 3 days one mile at a time. As a 14 year warrior I strive to bring my Energizer Bunny energy to anyone that is in need of personal motivation!! I walk because I must continue to bring the Pink Bubble ENERGY & LIGHT.

  5. 2022 was my first year walking PTP. My sister, Janine Bullman was diagnosed in September 2021. She has always been my inspiration for everything in life! She radiates strength and courage. We walked this year in honor of her and to celebrate all of hard work this year! The positivity this community offers is much needed and appreciated! I’m honored to have been part of such courageous, strong, and powerful HEROS!

  6. Why do I walk in Pledge The Pink? Because I can’t walk away……

    I am a 17 year survivor of Stage 3A breast cancer. In 2012, I began challenging myself & my friends to participating in various long walks across the USA. (It was a challenge to raise money for these walks and even though I had been thru the ringer with cancer treatments, I was ready to put my body to the test and complete these walks.) I walked in honor/memory of people I knew who were affected by cancer. I want to and will continue raise funds for cancer research and to help those in need of services be able to obtain services.

    When I found Pledge The Pink in 2018, I found something more than a 30 mile walk. I found a network where I could raise money and send it to where I chose. To me, I found an atmosphere that celebrated with pink/flamingos/shenanigans!

    Walking in PTP, we celebrate life…we share stories…we celebrate survivors. To me, PTP is a year round thing…It is a year of fundraising & training….but come event weekend is a time to celebrate, have fun, give hope, see the beautiful scenery, walk, laugh, cry, giggle, and continue to pave the way for other women so they might have more resources and easier access to life-saving medicines/therapies/regimens.

  7. There are so many reasons I walk. First of all, my mom is a two-time time breast cancer survivor. She is almost 23 on one side and 20 on the other. I just hit 15 years cancer free myself. I have so many friends that have also endured this awful disease and we need to find a cure once and for all. This will be my 7th year participating and it is the best event ever. Where else can you have the time of your life and raise money for breast cancer and meet some of the best friends ever. This flock rocks.

  8. Why I walk….so many reasons! First, I was diagnosed in November 2014 and was very fortunate that it was found early and treatable-not everyone is so blessed. Second, I walk for the over 20 women I know personally that have battled this horrible disease and the two that lost their fight. Including three new diagnosis in the last two months!!! Third, I walk for so that hopefully someday soon we will find a cure!!! Fourth, I walk at PTP because it is the Best Darn Weekend ever!! My first PTP was 2017 with Team Boo Bees and it is always amazing. Can’t wait for 2023!!

  9. I walk and fundraise for PTP annually (since 2018) because too many people have faced breast cancer. I believe that early diagnosis saves lives, so I fundraise to do my part in early detection. It IS an amazing event and I do have fun but I know my efforts are making a difference. I have only paid registration ONCE, because I fundraise enough (2,02X) to get free registrationfor the next year. That is a real win!

  10. I walk for my friends Elizabeth and Jaime who lost their lives to Metastatic Breast Cancer this year.
    They fought the fight and never gave up but this disease won. I walk so everyone can get tested before they get sick
    I am walking with my great friend Beth and we have done many walks together for Breast Cancer.

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