In 2011, Pledge the Pink was a small, local, charity race—aimed at fighting cancer in South Carolina, and getting the lowcountry in shape.

Now we’re an ambitious, not-so-small, breast cancer event that’s gotten almost 15,000 people off the couch and given over a million dollars to charities all across the country.
Through our sister charity Pledge the Pink Foundation (formally known as Carolina Cups), these dollars provide gap funding for heroic, budget-restricted, nonprofit service providers. We are able to slice through red tape, and support game-changing beneficiaries across the country.

Fun Facts about Pledge the Pink

Whenever we need a little inspiration, we read the crayon letter. Check it out >


People off the couch


is our crazy-big-can’t-stop-us fundraising goal for 2021


In our first 10 years



Wondering what’s with all the flamingos?

Welcome To Our “Flocks of Love”

The question we get asked most often? “What’s the deal with the flamingos?!” Glad you asked! We are a bit obsessed with these magnificent pink creatures, because for us, they represent hope. And a cure.

For every $100 that is raised by our “FlockStars”, we place a pink flamingo in our annual Flocks of Love display.

Our goal in 2021 is 10,000 cancer-kicking birds, which means that we will raise a cool MILLION DOLLARS for the cause!