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Fripp Island Resort is the perfect mix of everything you would want in a vacation at one of South Carolina’s finest island resorts, but without the crowded hustle and bustle of a typical resort. If you crave fun, relaxation, and plenty of personal time, you want to visit the Fripp Island oasis. Check out the many activities, programs, & amenities that  Fripp Island Resort has to offer, and with a large selection of vacation homes, they are sure to have something for everyone! 

Website: https://www.frippislandresort.com/

Book a Rental: https://www.frippislandresort.com/rentals/

Phone: (888) 741-8974


Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island is South Carolina’s single most popular state park, attracting more than a million visitors a year, as well as a vast array of land and marine wildlife. Five miles of pristine beaches, thousands of acres of marsh and maritime forest, a saltwater lagoon and ocean inlet are all part of the park’s natural allure.

Of all the lighthouses in South Carolina, the Hunting Island Lighthouse is the only one in the state that is publicly accessible. From the top of one of the most distinctive lighthouses in South Carolina, guests can stand 130 feet above the ground to take in the breathtaking, panoramic view of the Atlantic Coast and surrounding maritime forest.

MUSC Hollings Cancer Center

Hollings Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute-Designated Cancer Center in South Carolina and one of only 70 in the nation, putting it at the forefront of cancer research and innovation. With more than 60 clinical sub-specialists dedicated to your care, we’re at the forefront of the most advanced treatments available.

Website: https://www.hollingscancercenter.org/

Phone: (843) 792-9335


Sisters On The Fly

The largest women’s organization in the U.S., Sisters on the Fly gathers women together all over the country for outdoor recreation, camping, wine and food. 

Join Sisters on the Fly for the activities and adventures and expand your horizons. Learn to fish, ride a horse, kayak, camp under the stars, travel to various destinations near and far. The best part of Sisters on the Fly is simply meeting new sisters, like minded and kindred spirits. Network through the organization and find your very own Sisters!

Sisters on the fly rules are simple to follow- “No men, no kids, be nice & have fun.”

Website: https://www.sistersonthefly.com/

Contact: info@sistersonthefly.com



ArtWare is a favorite of visitors and guests alike. Paying Homage to the Low Country- the new store at Shelter Cove Towne Centre is big, bright and beautiful. From the Mercantile in the back, to the Live Oak in the center with the Vintage camper below it’s branches, to the Garden Area no one has seen anything like this store.  Six years ago we started our revised web page- now optimized for smaller devises. Our vision for ArtWare was to have the best aspects of a Museum Gift Shop with items that were functional to earn their place in your life. 

Website: https://www.artwaredesigns.com/

Phone: (843) 682-3400


Second Helpings

Second Helpings is a nonprofit food rescue and distribution network, helping to eliminate hunger in the Lowcountry. They work with food providers and distribution agencies to help those in need obtain nourishing food.

Second Helpings is a major resource for local food pantries and soup kitchens and they offer grocery stores a chance at community collaboration. But most importantly, they offer hope, stability and empowerment to people in the community that need help in getting the food they need. 

Website: http://www.secondhelpingslc.org/

Phone: (843) 689-3689


Bolder Athletic Wear (Sparkle Skirts)

SparkleSkirts® began in 2008 when Leah Powell made some sparkly cover skirts for her running group to wear at the inaugural Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. In that race—and every race since—people have asked “Where did you get those skirts?” 

Within a year, SparkleSkirts® evolved from simple cover skirts to “technical” skirts with built-in undershorts. Leah knew that if she was having trouble finding running skirts with undershorts that did not ride up, plenty of other people certainly were facing the same frustration. She developed skirts based on what is now a patented design that prevents ride-up. This line of athletic wear also grew into collections of shorts, capris and technical shorts for men.

After ten years in business, Leah and her staff at SparkleSkirts® recognized that the fitness industry had seen tremendous changes, and people involved with sports, fitness and leisure activities needed broader choices. From that knowledge, Bolder Athletic Wear™ was created.

Website: https://bolderathleticwear.com/

Phone: (813) 759-6000