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We are working hard to finalize a few more details but I thought we’d give you a quick overview of what is sure to be the Best Darn Weekend of Your Life…

  • In case ya missed it, this is our 10th anniversary so we’re celebrating Fancy’s 10th birthday all weekend long. Which means BIRTHDAY THEME this year! Dress up like a cupcake, a candle, a balloon, a flamingo, or whatever clever ideas you can come up with.
  • Fancy’s official birthday party will be held Thursday night at the Fripp Beach Club at 6:30PM and we have a big surprise in store!
  • Our Packet Pickup Party is from 3-8PM on Thursday at the Beach Club. If you want to have a friend pick up your packet, that is fine. Just make sure you are there for Fancy’s big bday bash!
  • We’ll have our Newbie Zone set up under the big tent that night and this is a must-stop for all our first-timers. We’ll have tons of veterans there to answer all your questions, calm your nerves, and psyche you up. And our awesome professional Flocktographers will be there all night long to take your official Newbie picture and welcome you to our flock.
  • We’ve got some seriously tacky trophies for our Golf Cart Parade & Decorating Contest this year! We’ve adjusted the course and added a little tailgate time before the parade and an official party afterwards. We had 100 carts last year and we’re hoping for 125 this year! Go here to sign up!
  • Speaking of contests, we’ll be doing a big house decorating contest this year! So many of you decked out your rental properties last year and we loved having the added bling along the Fripp course so we decided to encourage everyone to decorate by making it an official contest! The judging will take place between 3-5PM on Friday and the winners will receive a private photo shoot courtesy of our Flocktographers! They’ll come to your house or meet your crew for a shoot at the beach or any place you want. Definitely a treasured keepsake (and another fun memory in and of itself) of the Best Darn Weekend of Your Life! Go here to enter and give us your rental address at Fripp!
  • OMG yall… we’ve got a huge party planned for Friday night and it is something you will not want to miss. Drag Queen Bingo. Yes, you read that right. This is going to be the most epic Pledge the Pink activity ever! Go here to sign up (limited to 500 participants)
  • Did you know that it is customary to give tin gifts for the 10th anniversary? Well now that you do, you can help us celebrate turning double digits by bringing can goods to support our food drive! We’ve teamed up with our friends at Second Helpings to not only give them all the cans we collect, but they’ll also receive all our leftover course snacks and food from the weekend! They’ll be able to feed hundreds of families thanks to your generosity. 
  • Save The Bras! We’re also collecting bras to hang as decorations along the courses this year and will then donate them to a local charity. So pack your old faves (or pick up some cute new ones) and bring them to Packet Pickup on Thursday night and we will put them to good use!
  • We’ve added a new element to our Survivor Celebration this year and we’ve moved the time to 2pm on Friday so that everyone can be there. Survivors, we will give you a special shirt at Packet Pickup on Thursday night and we ask that you please wear it to the Survivor Celebration on Friday afternoon so we can honor you during this short recognition ceremony.
  • The course maps should be released in March along with the weekend schedule of games, events, and activities. You’ll be able to book/RSVP everything directly from your dashboard this year so it will be easier for you to monitor and remember what you’ve signed up to do!
  • Our new shirts and merchandise have all been ordered and we are super excited about this year’s collection! Our online store will re-open on April 1st so save your tax return for a Fancy shopping spree!
  • We’ve got ten massage therapists coming to give yall free rub downs at the finish lines this year (and at Packet Pickup Party to work thru all thattravel stress!), and they’ll also be available for private bookings throughout the weekend. Online appointments can be made online starting in March. Yay!


  • If you haven’t booked your house yet, do it soon before Fripp is sold out (this happened last year)! A reminder that amenity cards typically don’t come with houses you book on VRBO or AirBnB, and you’ll need them if you want to eat dinner at the Boathouse or grab a snack at the Food Court or use the Resort’s pools (note that the Beach Club pool will be open to FlockStars all weekend). If you book directly through the Resort, the cards come with your rental, as does a 10% discount (and most Resort rentals also include a golf cart). Call them at 843-838-1507 or book online and use PTP2020 as coupon code.
  • If you are a singleton or small group, consider staying at one of the Newbie Houses! You don’t need to be a newbie but they are a perfect option for people traveling solo or with a friend or two. You get to enjoy a bigger, more luxurious house and share the costs between several people. I believe the one Shannon is currently booking is oceanfront and only $500 per person for FOUR nights! That allows you to stay thru Monday so you won’t miss a thing (and you’ll have most of Sunday to just chill and soak up the beach/pool/fun)! Call Shannon at Fripp Island Resort: 843-838-1507.
  • Want to create or join a team? It takes ten seconds! Just login to your dashboard and click on Create or Join a Team.
  • If your rental doesn’t come with a golf cart and/or your group is big enough to require a second cart, book those ASAP because they will sell out again! The super cool thing is you can enter the Resort and pick up your golf cart down at the Marina anytime after 9am— so you can drive around and get yourself acquainted with all the Fripp Island deer and soak up all the beauty while you wait for your check-in! Explore the island, pick up some last minute supplies at the store, and do the golf cart scavenger hunt! So much fun! Call 843-838-1558 to reserve your cart.
  • Our training schedules are posted (click here to download) and you’ll see that official training doesn’t start until August. That doesn’t mean you can’t start training now and/or building up your stamina so that you are able to start with us in August! We’ve also got a list of all 2020 registrants posted in your dashboard under the Resources tab- you can sort that list by state and then see all the people that live in towns next to you. Reach out to them on Facebook and see if they want to get together for some training walks/runs! You’ll meet some new friends and get in shape for the Best Darn Weekend of Your Life all at the same time!
  • We set a pretty lofty fundraising goal of $500,000 for this year, and while fundraising isn’t required, we are grateful that so many of our FlockStars voluntarily raise money for us every year. We have some really awesome fundraising incentive prizes for yall and we also have a list of ways you can help us raise money WITHOUT EVER ASKING ANYONE FOR A DIME! If you haven’t created your page yet, here’s a quick tutorial that’ll have you in business in two minutes.
  • Want to know where the money goes? Check it out here.
  • If you and/or your team think that you’ll raise at least $5,000 this year, you get to Choose Your Charity and designate where 75% of your dollars go! Just remember that our Foundation MUST approve your requested charity before September 30. Go here and tell us about your chosen charity and we’ll get back to you lickety split!
  • Don’t understand all this talk about “your dashboard”? Don’t know how to login to your dashboard? Send an email to and we’ll talk you thru it! We’ve got you covered, FlockStar!
  • Oh and yes, we still have registrations available! There are only a handful of spots left so tell your slacker friends to sign up before they miss the Best Darn Weekend of Your Life!

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