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So you’re a newbie and you’re wondering what in the world you’ve gotten yourself into, huh?

Fear not, fellow flockers!

It’s gonna be the Best Weekend of Your Life.

Here are some tips, suggestions, reminders, and quick links to help you make sense of our fabulous flamingothon festivities.

Newbie Zone

After you pickup your packet Thursday night , step on over to our Newbie Zone. It’s a great place to finally put names with all the faces of the friends you’ve made in our chat club!

And we will have esteemed PTP veterans there to answer all your questions, give you directions, hug your neck, and get you set up to walk the Pink Carpet to our photo booth (with tons of fun props). We’ve also got tons of interactive games at the Zone so you can have fun with flamingos and your new flocker friends.

Oh, and all our returning flockers will be vying for your attention Thursday night. It’s a little game they play to see how many newbies they can meet (and hug). You’ll get the whole FlockStar treatment, complete with the Pink Carpet, paparazzi, and your very own groupies!

Where to stay, How to get here & More…

We’ve put together this handy guide to help answer all of the questions you may have around the logistics!

Use our Facebook chat club to see who is looking for roommates. It might seem strange to share a house with complete strangers, but you can find people that seem to be a good fit, and chances are that you’ll get your own private bedroom.

You also use our Facebook group to get a ride from the airports and/or to meet people interested in sharing a rental car.

What’s Included

All the good stuff is included with your registration. Check it out here:

Fundraising & Flamingos

Fundraising has never been a requirement with Pledge the Pink, but the majority of our flock does make a donation or do fundraising on our behalf. And every single penny that yall raise goes into our mammo fund to cover the cost of screening for women (and men) that are going thru the scariest 10 minutes of their lives.

What do flamingos have to do with it and just what in the world is Flocks of Love? So glad you asked:

To Team or Not to Team

We have so many singletons this year! We know that many of you want to do this by yourself and are looking forward to some quality “me time”. Hooray! We also know that many of you are hoping to meet new friends and possibly even join a team. Yeehaw!

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter how you Pledge the Pink. Just as long as you have fun.

Everyone goes at their own pace each day so even if you’re on a team, you’ll all be doing your own thang out there! So don’t feel pressured into joining a team and please don’t ever feel awkward about doing this solo.

You might arrive by yourself, but you’re never alone at Pledge the Pink weekend.

Psst- if you do want to join an existing team, here’s a video showing you how to edit your registration:


The schedules will be released next week and official training starts in early August (so don’t worry about a thing)! If you’d like to get a jump start on things and earn a really super cool glow in the dark medal, join our virtual challenge!

We are trying to log 477,710 miles (walking, running, biking, swimming, everything!) before October 25 so we need all the help we can get! This is a group challenge and we welcome registrants and any friends and family that want to join.


We’ve got a bunch of FAQs on our website so if you still have questions about something, look here:

Facebook Chat Club

Probably the best resource for newbies is our little Facebook group. Post a question and you’ll get all sorts of advice and perspectives from locals and peeps that have done PTP in the past.

Ask any questions you have, because more than likely there are other newbies wondering the same thing. So ask away (and also tell us what you’re most excited about)! Tag your friends that are coming with you or if you’re a singleton, let your fellow flockers know if you’re interested in being “adopted”.

Stay in the Loop!

Sign up below and be the first to know about event details, discounts and much more!

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