With your help, we do make a difference

In 2011, Pledge the Pink (originally LoCo Motion), was a small, local, charity race—aimed at fighting cancer in South Carolina, and getting the lowcountry in shape.

Now, we’re an ambitious, not-so-small, breast cancer event—one that’s pushed thousands of women off the couch, and given thousands of dollars to cancer treatment, research, and prevention. Our participants come from 48 states, and have logged a collective 168,328 miles. Together, we’ve raised $210,479 dollars for the cause.

You’ll find us island-hopping every September—walking, running, or crawling 30 miles, across three islands. There we wear pink, give sweaty hugs, build blisters, sing songs, and most importantly: save lives.

Pledge the Pink isn’t ours — it’s yours.

It’s about coming together, in honor of your sisters or mothers or wives. It’s about lacing up your sneakers and getting to mile one. It’s the friendships you form at mile 9, the blisters that greet you day 2, the finish lines you cross, and the people you cross them with.

Yes there are medals. And costumes. And ocean-front after parties.

But there are also survivors who finish chemo, and then take to our race course. There are girlfriends getting together, after months or years apart. And are countless little moments when you get the urge to quit—and when we say, together, “no, not today.”

Pledge the Pink isn’t a race—it’s a community, and it’s a promise.

We raise money. It saves lives.

How it works is simple. Pledge the Pink raises money—from sponsors, from race registrations, and from participant fundraising. Every penny of those proceeds goes straight to 501(c)(3) nonprofits such as the American Cancer Society, Mayo Clinic, Hollings Cancer Center, Volunteers in Medicine, Carolina Cups, and countless other cancer-fighting beneficiaries.

These dollars provide gap funding for heroic, budget-restricted, nonprofit service providers. We are able to slice through red tape, and support game-changing beneficiaries—both in the South Carolina lowcountry, and nationwide.

“In 2011, I got a letter written in crayon.

Now, 6 years later, it sits framed on my desk.

The first PTP was planned in my dining room. It came out of a few friends, hundreds of hours, and a simple idea: “Breast cancer sucks—let’s do something about it.”

What we did, became Pledge the Pink—a charity race that does more. One that gives people hope, that brings people together, and that puts some serious dollars towards beating cancer for good.

We were planning our first event, when it landed in my mailbox.

The letter that read, in big, untidy letters: “Please help my mommy.”

Attached was 3 dollars—and another brief message: “My wife is Stage 4. Our son wanted to send his tooth fairy money. He hopes you can help.”

And so I’ve worked hard to help. That day I wrote a $3 dollar check. I added it to our donations, and I put those three bills, and that letter, in a frame.

Everyday, those 3 dollars, remind me that what we do here matters. That by giving a little, we can do a lot. Everyday, they reminds me why I Pledge the Pink.

I hope you’ll take that pledge with me.”

– Laura Morgan
Founder, Pledge the Pink

From The Team

Why do we put on Pledge the Pink?

“So we could cut thru the red tape and provide life-saving funding where no one else does. For those that say, “I wish I could help”, this is your chance.”

Laura, founder

“Watching 1500 people do the impossible, for people they’ll never meet…geez, it is the coolest, most emotional thing I’ve ever been associated with.”

Mo, super-fly chick

“As a fellow survivor, the cause is near and dear to my heart. We work as volunteers, but the sweaty hugs and endless high fives are priceless.”

Stevie, the high-five guy

It’s a breast cancer event that truly benefits breast cancer patients and makes a positive impact on lives. The mammogram donations campaign is so inspiring, and I also appreciate that PTP funds the often-forgotten patient services, such as transportation to treatment. These needs are REAL and without the help PTP/we provide, these women would continue to struggle or do without treatment.

– Cindy K, two-time survivor


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There are countless ways to Pledge the Pink.

Here are a couple of our favorites:

Want to get training, get inspired, and join our community for the best weekend of your life?

Got a few extra bucks you could spare to save a life?

Our Mission

We Pledge to create a premiere event bringing people from across the country to SC’s lowcountry for a four-day walk/run celebration. We Pledge to support each other and embrace all fitness levels, providing a safe environment for everyone to give their best. We Pledge to provide non-bureaucratic funding for breast cancer screening, treatment, and research. We Pledge to crush goals, laugh uncontrollably, and celebrate survivorship. We Pledge to give you the Best Weekend of Your Life.