Sign Your Support, OKI

Promote Pledge the Pink and show your support!

Calling all Oak Islanders! Show your support for Pledge the Pink by buying one of these adorable signs and placing them in your yard or storefront.

Not only will you be helping us promote the event, but you’ll be telling our 2,000 FlockStars and friends where to shop, eat, visit, and thank along the courses.

Each 24×24 sign comes with an H-frame stake for easy installation into your lawn or planter. Or you can just simply display them in your front window for all the world to see.

In return, our FlockStars will know who to give their business to and/or who to visit with and thank while they are in town.

You can also buy the signs at the Summer Concert Series- look for the pink tent!

Get Your Sign Here!

All signs will be hand delivered to your address within 10 days thanks to our flock of OKI registrants.
If you’d like to customize a sign to honor a loved one or pay tribute to a participant, you can do that here

Price: $20.00